Making Things Simpler with the PA Gambling App


Parx Casino continues to expand its gambling platform for a fresh, 2019 image. The new tools from this casino help gamblers in the State to connect. Pennsylvania is a highly rated destination for gambling, and leading the casino industry is Parx. The license it was issued for sports betting has changed the tide for everyone in PA.

Horse racing has always been with the casino, and now, mobile play takes the brand to greater, digital heights. Among the newest assemblies for 2019 include the PA Gambling App. The App gives gamblers direct access to favorited games and with a wireless aspect that makes location unimportant.

Mobile for Android and iOS

The PA Gambling App is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. These tablets and cellphones are ideal for running the mobile software as provided by Parx. This software brings the tools and toggles of the casino’s website into an application designed for play. The touch-screen controls make gaming easier and setting your options seamless.

All you need is an account with the casino and a mobile device to use.

How to Get Started:

Getting started begins with your mobile device and some battery power. Both Android and iOS devices come equipped with an icon to download Apps through. The phone you have tells you where to start the search.

– Downloading:

First download the App before it can run on your cellular. This requires an active signal and some time depending on the speed of your technology. The Google Play Store is where Apps for Android are found, and the App Store is where you find the Parx Online App ready for iOS.

– Opening the App and Registering:

The App opens with three options to start with. The options are to log in using Facebook, your prior registered account or to play as a guest. The next step verifies that you’re 21 or older, are not part of PGCB exclusions lists, do not live in Washington, Hawaii or Alaska; and that you agree with the Terms and Conditions.

– Viewing the Games and Playing:

Your entry into the App then brings you to a dashboard of games. This is a home screen designed for optimal performance with some shortcuts to popular games. Those shortcuts include icons for table games, slots, poker, keno and tournaments.

– Still Mobile with KW:

You have the option of mobile-play without downloading an App and by playing right at the website with KW. This site is functional with mobile devices, but you won’t get the same interactivity. It’s an option if you can’t download software to your phone or don’t have the space for it.

Payment Options at the Site

Right through the PA Gambling App are payment options that start your playing for real money. Your entry as a guest gives you the right to play casino games for free, and you can use this to improve your gaming or to size up the App for a better understanding of how it flows.

– Deposits and Withdraws

Deposits and withdrawals are both made the same way. You’ll need an active account with updated credit-card data. You’re then presented with the option to purchase Virtual Credits as used by the site. Payments and withdrawals are done with the same account data you provide and via the same method.

Casino Games for the Mobile Device

The Parx Online App grows in popularity as it offers gamblers traditional games and features they can count on.

The options include:





Is the Parx Casino Mobile App Safe?

The PA Gambling App is possible through Parx Casino’s registration as a licensed gambler. This license makes working with the site safe and secure.

Expect to find:

*HTTPS Protocols

*Top Payment Providers

*Secret Socket Layers (SSLs)

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