MuchGames Releases the 2017 Guide to Slot Bonuses


One of the undisputed facts with slots is that winning depends on luck. While you catch your fun playing slots, here are steps you can take to increase your chance of winning the game.

Let’s start with a note of caution: it is necessary to determine and stick to what your bankroll will be.

The rule is to play with money you can afford to lose. Opening a separate account such as a web wallet might be perfect for this. In other words, exercise some discipline, so you don’t get your fingers burnt. If you are interested in finding answers to the most commonly asked slot bonus questions, you might find this Slot Bonus FAQ useful.

Get to know what payout odds are when making a choice of the casino you want to play in. The difference when you compare casinos will increase your chance of winning. Remember to check the reputation of the casino too.

The next step after the choice of a casino is to check the odd of the slot you want to play. It’s better to go for slots that require higher value coin. Such slots have higher odds.

The need to carefully choose your slot cannot be overemphasized. Go for games with more reels because it determines how much your payout is. Note that progressives pay higher but come with a lower return when compared to regular slots.

Take some time to read what the terms for each machine say and be sure you understand the variations from machine to machine. Get to know the pay lines and what bonus rounds they offer so as to choose what suits you most.

Ensure you know the minimum number of coins and their denomination on the machine. Bet the maximum to get all pay lines activated. Go with what you can afford to bet the maximum.

Slots wagering is responsible for the large percentages needed to achieve wagering requirements on bonuses. Take note of this as it affects your ability to claim your bonus.

Winning on slot machines is a game of luck so don’t assume you’re winning just by a single play.

A good strategy to adopt is bet higher amounts as you win and lower amounts when you lose to enable you to play many times more, increasing your chance of winning. Beware of greed. Know when to apply the brakes.

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