Neymar Jr. Returns as Brand Ambassador for Poker Stars


If Pele was the face of Brazilian football in the 1960s and 1970s, then indeed the face for the current generation is Neymar Jr. He has won many awards the one can win in the domestic game ranging from an Olympic gold medal to appearing in the Champions League Final. Outside of the game, he has a strong love of poker and spent two years as an ambassador for PokerStars. Some people get their thrills from Vulkan Vegas 50 spin while Neymar gets his from poker. This partnership ended in 2017 and coincided with another significant change in his life – his transfer to Paris St German from Barcelona.

Neymar Now

Neymar is now the sporting ambassador of PartyPoker again, and this must be seen as a sign of the company’s prosperity, as he was the 4th highest paid sportsperson in 2020. He has published the news on his Instagram account and seems pleased as PartyPoker to be renewing the partnership. He finds it easy to combine football and poker, and the pairing seems to be a match made in heaven. 

Neymar and Poker 

Neymar has never made a secret of how much he loves playing poker, and the competitive side of him comes out. He has told people that the game is fun, and he enjoys the moments of unpredictability that can be part of any hand. There is an enthusiasm for the renewed partnership as he looks forward to reconnecting with the fans. There is something that Neymar has done that many players will play a lifetime and not achieve. He got a Royal Flush, and that is the best hand that a player can hope for. It would be hard to say if he loves playing poker or watching football more. When he made the right choice, he chose to play rather than watch Brazil in a game where they suffered a heavy defeat.

PokerStars View

It seems that the pleasure of the partnership is not just one-way traffic. PokerStars is just as happy to have Neymar back on board. They are pleased that they have an ambassador who loves the game and is not only involved in what it can do for them. They are emphatic about what an asset he is by talking about his passion and hoping that new excitement and energy will surround poker. They are planning to take poker to more people and improve the platform for the players already involved.

While accepting that there is always a honeymoon period when someone new becomes an ambassador or “the face of” something, they are sure that this will be an ongoing appointment and have plans for what they are hoping to do. Neymar is such a big name that it is hard to see how there could be a fault with this appointment and that we will see the two big names linked for a long time to come.

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