Online Casino Games With Video Poker: Experience the Best


Online video poker is surprisingly popular but gets much less attention than online slots, for example. That is unfortunate and in my opinion unjustified. They are really fantastic games that are more than worth playing.

You notice it immediately when you play them, with each round the tension increases further. You wonder: “Which cards I keep, which cards I throw away, do I go for that Royal Flush or a slightly more achievable poker hand?” And as icing on the cake, they also pay out like crazy, better than any online slot machine.

The casinos not only have an interesting online video poker in G7G20 casino offer but also nice casino bonuses and promotions. After all, with a larger bankroll you cannot only enjoy the video poker games longer, but you can also turn the house margin of the casino in your favor.

Everything about Video Poker

Online video poker is actually an online slot machine with the difference that it is not a game of chance but a skills game, a game of skills, just like regular poker and blackjack. So you have a better chance of a favorable outcome if you use your poker skills. You can choose which cards to keep and which to throw away.

Video poker is therefore extremely popular in both brick-and-mortar and online casinos. Entire tribes swear by a casino online chips night of playing video poker. It is a challenging game in which strategy and tactics also play a role in addition to skills.

Another factor that makes video poker attractive is that, with a few exceptions, you cannot lose more than your original bet. No extra chips in the pot for a Raise or Call. Not entirely unimportant is that the payout percentage varies between 96% to 99.79% and with some “Full Pay” video poker slots online it is sometimes even higher. This allows you, ‘if you play you cards right’, to have fun for a very long time with a relatively modest bankroll.

Very Short Video Poker History

Due to the enormous popularity of regular poker, video poker was once one of the first slot games to be played on a computer. Due to technological developments and the love for the game, more and more variants appeared that could eventually also be played online later.

Online Video Poker Game Rules

The rules of online video poker gambling are relatively simple and you can master them in no time. The majority of video poker games are based on the classic Five Card Draw game played with one 52-card deck.

Unlike normal poker, you do not play against other players here, but against the dealer or the casino. The stronger your poker hand, the higher the payout. Most games are variants of Jacks or Better, which means that you must have at least a few Jacks to be paid.

It goes like this; first you determine your bet. You do this based on the number of coins and their value. This can vary enormously, so keep an eye out that you do not blow too high from the tower and that you will be through your budget in no time. Then you press Deal or Draw and you receive five cards in the first partial round. Based on the strength of the cards and the variation of the game, you decide which one to keep and which one to discard.

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