Online Casinos – Play the Percentages


Many players are attracted by the glamour of the online casino, and of course, the possibility of a huge jackpot is always in the back of everyone’s mind, yet is this the right attitude to have? With the house holding the edge, it requires a little more than optimism to make the cut and achieve a long term profit. That being true, it isn’t impossible either, and with some homework and a little research, you can reach a point where you are always ahead of the game.


Gambling Strategies

Percentages are what drives the professional gambler, they prefer to play games where the return to player (RTP) is high, and are always concerned with their stats, with some using complex software to help them analyse their play, looking to shave a point or so, and increase their chances of winning. Pro gamblers are not like the charismatic characters we see in the movies, who bet large sums on red on the roulette table, and win of course. An established online professional player will have a set strategy and will rarely deviate from that. The strategy would be performance focused, and the head would definitely rule the heart, as people who gamble for a living do not look at the possibility, it is the probability that interests them. For someone who is serious about decreasing the casino’s edge, is packed with informative articles, all focused on helping the player.

Homework Time

Professional gamblers spend as much time analysing their statistics as they do playing, so one must have an analytical nature, and have a core understanding of probability factors. If slots are the target, a player might spend one month playing a certain machine, and by collating their results, they can predict with some degree of probability, if they have a reasonable chance of coming out on top.

The End Result

Winning one spin isn’t going to matter much to a serious player, they are more interested in long term results, and after a certain period of loss, a player might decide to play another game, or perhaps go for one more cycle, thinking that the payouts must start soon. The RTP figure that all games must display is a good indicator, but this runs over a period of time, so a few spins is insufficient to gauge anything.


Favoured Games

The real pros will go with blackjack, poker, or baccarat, as there is a degree of skill involved, and most pros will specialise in one game. Baccarat offers a unique chance to bet with the house, and many online professionals will only sit at the baccarat table for that very reason. Whatever you favoured game, the strategies shouldn’t differ, and with adequate discipline and reliable data collection, a player can consistently show a return.

Online Assistance

Fortunately, there are individual players who have climbed the ranks and are prepared to share their mistakes with others, in the hope that this valuable knowledge will help them avoid the common pitfalls. So, if you really want to make your hobby a living, research and it could easily become a reality.

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