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Before broaching the subject of rating development, let us return to its definition. An odds represents the potential win that a player can win if his bet wins. It allows you to see at a glance how much you can win by betting a certain amount. For example, if the odds are 2 and I bet € 10, in the event of a winning bet, I have only multiplied the odds by my bet so 2 x 10 = 20. My profit will therefore be € 10.

This is explained by several factors:

  • the odds are more interesting, evolve in real time and the competition of the sector allows an easy comparison to find the most interesting;
  • the redistribution rate (the percentage of the sums which are returned to the players) is on average 85% on online sites for 70% in PMU;
  • the various bonuses that online betting sites can offer and that do not exist in physical offices.

In addition, online betting sites offer a very wide choice in terms of sports or types of bets to bet on. You can try your luck on football, tennis, basketball, handball …, combine bets or bet on another criterion than victory or defeat (such player scores, such fact of play at a certain time meeting, etc.)

In a match, a low rating is usually given to the player or team with the most theoretical chance of winning. But the attribution of the exact value depends on the work of the “Oddmakers” (the “makers of odds” in French). If a rating does not represent a probability, it still represents the tendency of an encounter because behind its development, it is statistics and assessments of past performance that are taken into account to assess future chances. Finally, the odds also include the margin of the betting sites: we must never forget that companies do not volunteer!

How to get started in sports betting?

If there is obviously no miracle recipe to get rich thanks to sports betting, there are basic rules that allow you to start well. First of all, you have to open an account on an online betting site. And it is extremely important to choose a site which has the necessary authorizations for the exercise of its activity. To find out how, you just have to check if it is certified by Arjel, the authority that regulates the online gambling market. Once you have taken care of this criterion, do not hesitate to compare the sites and especially the different offers they offer: welcome offer, promotion, deposit bonus , you can also click here for info about Casino Metropol


When you have found your gem, it is time to create an account for you to start betting. Do not be afraid of all the checks and requests for identity paper: the sites are required by Arjel to ensure the identity of its players to avoid any fraud.


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