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Kevin Sheehan has owned and managed many companies in his lifetime. He has overseen various companies competing in different industries. There are certain things that stick out that holds true with every company out there. It is important to stay ahead of the curb by always keeping an eye on current trends and what customers are requesting. In some cases, customers are not sure what they want and it is up to companies to make their marketing communication in a way to make them want that product or service.

Kevin Sheehan latest ventures

There is a lot of competition out there especially for companies who have been around a long time and barriers to entry is low. When it comes to the new venture Kevin Sheehan is taking on is the casino industry. Since there is a lot of initial capital to invest into the business, it is touch for people to start one up on a whim. Not only that but there are also a lot of documentation and paperwork to get filled out by the city and state you would like to operate in. Therefore, you would need to get some permits before you can even think about constructing a building.

Upcoming casino trends

With the emergence of the Internet a few decades ago, we have seen a huge change in the behavior of customers. Since it is really easy to get the information and anything really with a few clicks, people would much rather stay in a do all they can in the comfort of their homes. Since consumers want this product, there are more states legalizing online gambling. There are more states looking into online gambling to increase revenues. It has taken awhile for them to consider the service for residents since it might cannibalize sales revenues from land-based casinos but this is not the case. In addition, if states don’t get on this bandwagon, the money will just go to black markets and the money is leaving the country through these channels. Now the consumer is better protected and this has been the main driving force to make them legal.

With this in mind, land-based casinos still offer many advantages since it does offer a completely difference experience. It is more exciting to be at the casino since there is the social aspect of it, which you cannot get online.

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