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Tangkasnet was a very popular game during the 1980s. It owed its popularity to the interest it generated amongst fans, mainly because of the memory skills it required. Unfortunately, the game was discontinued in 1995 due to the government’s interference.

Originally, the Mickey Mouse gambling game used a very heavy machine that used a lot of important components like a monitor, a PCB, and a power supply. However, when the game was discontinued, the difficulty in moving the machine made it impossible for patrons and fans to play the game.

Thus, the prohibition made it difficult to find the offline counterparts of tangkasnet. But, technology has made it extremely convenient to find online forums to play this agile ball game. Earlier, the game could be played on the desktop only, but due to its increasing popularity and demand amongst the masses, the game is now available on Android and smart phones as well. All you will need is a strong Internet connection and the correct skill set to play this game now.

How to Play This Game

To play this game, you will first have to download the TANGKASNET Android or the 88 Agile and Java Games applications and then install them on your PC. Or, you can play the game directly on the Google Chrome browser. Games like agile ball remain highly sought after by both youngsters and adults, and the fact that they can be played anytime anywhere adds immensely to their popularity.

Since this is ultimately a gambling game, there is a possibility for you to win prizes upon playing. To do that, you will first have to register as a member of To top it all, you will even receive bonus prizes upon playing the game. Members get as much as 20 percent of the deposited money, as well as a bonus of 10 percent every day.

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Play and earn huge benefits

You must try your hand at this game if you have the ability and skill to play internet gambling games. When you play this game, you will definitely end up winning exciting prizes as well as a substantial amount of money each day. Join this trusting field of gambling games today, and challenge your brain to come up with ideas and strategies to deal your cards cleverly. Our expertise in soccer gambling will help you win many prizes by simply cultivating a hobby of playing Mickey Mouse gambling games.

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