Playing USA mega-millions online lottery.


The online USA Mega Million is one of the leading and the most preferred lottery which has always offered very high amounts of jackpots and rewards to people. Mega Million online is generally played by selecting five numbers among 1-70 and one mega ball from 1-25 in each line. This selection can be done through online methods in the same manner as purchasing manual tickets.

Also, while playing online Mega Millions Lottery one can choose the numbers manually on the screen or they can select from the numbers saved in the favorite category. Mega million draws are done two days in a week that is on Tuesdays and Fridays at 11 pm Est.

Claiming the prizes won through online Mega Millions Lottery

If you win any prize or reward while playing then you will be notified with a system-generated email or a call informing you about the same. Prizes are transferred immediately into the account. It is important to note and remember that any jackpot or second place reward that is won by anyone shall be collected manually or in-person and in this case, the company will always pay for flight tickets to the US.

The Mega Million Jackpot.

When the five main numbers your ticket match the one in your draw then it means you have won the Mega Million Jackpot and in no time you can become a millionaire. The starting jackpot price of Mega Million Jackpot is $40,000,000 which is a huge amount.

However, recently there had been some changes in the rules and regulations to make the winning chances a little difficult.

Mega million multiplier system

In this system one has to purchase the mega pier feature and who has won any non-jackpot price gets a chance to get their winning amount multiplied through this feature.

Some interesting facts about USA mega millions

  • The old name of Megamillions was the Big Games but it was changed to Mega Millions in the year 2002.
  • To date, the highest Mega Millions jackpot that is won is around $1.547 that was won in the month of October 2018.
  • In the year 2017, Mega Millions had a major change in its rules. All the prices of the tickets were doubled. The jackpot amounts became larger.

Latest news about Online Mega Million Lottery

  1. From the month of April 2020, it has been decided by the head of the Mega Million Lottery that the jackpots and the minimum jackpots amounts will be specified after keeping in view the interest and the sales rates of the particular match or month.
  2. There has been the latest news that a very lucky player from the city of California claimed a million-dollar jackpot price in the month of July and this win was recorded as the second big jackpot win of the month.


Online USA Mega Million lotteries are completely secure and safe to play. You can always collect your jackpot or reward prize whether you are a citizen of the US or not.

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