Poker: The Game Of Pure Skills Or Luck – Argument With Evidence!


You must have heard people saying, “It’s my ill luck, I could not earn much in my life. Probably that was the will of the Almighty God.” Here the attitude of the speaker is more spiritualistic. But, if a payer coming out of a Casino says, “It’s my ill luck; I couldn’t win any game today.”

Here, the speaker is more individualistic, probably, recollecting the few of the wrong decisions he took during the Poker game play. This signifies that Poker is a game of skills and not just luck. Considering it from a scientific point of view, it is the personal acumen, intelligence, and presence of mind, based on the theory of probability.

In this context, observe the remark made by Chris Moneymaker, the winner of the Poker Main Event of 2003 World Series. He said, “The beautiful thing about poker is that everybody thinks that he can play.” Well! That is well said. But the reality is that ‘nobody’ realizes that unless he has the right skill, he can’t win. And, many of us know how to play poker online.

You may probably be surprised to know that during 2013, the online poker rooms generated an estimated £2.8 billion in gross winnings, globally.

Skills V/s. Luck: Poker Games Online

The above statistics should not lead you to believe that it is ‘purely’ skills that matter for the game of Poker. The gain to one is the loss to the other. Even the best Poker players lose to make gains even to a novice. Let us consider it from the point of view of Chance V/s. Skills.

Look at the outcome of research conducted by PLOS One, at the University of Rotterdam by drawing a database of 456 million Poker players around the world. The research found substantial evidence that personal skill of the player plays an important role in the game of Poker.

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Do research well before you enroll in a website. Please share your comments with us for the information suggested above.

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