Slot Machines and Tournaments


The market for penny slot machines is constantly growing and the Danes love slot machines. There are many good explanations for why online slots are so popular among casino players, but it is clear that dreaming of the big jackpot win is one of the reasons.

It does not require the vast knowledge of playing on online slots, special strategies or complicated calculations as, for example, in the card games like poker or blackjack. Simply create an account at a casino and make a deposit. After that, just press SPIN and hope for the best.

The latest online slot machines offer really high level entertainment because they are often built around an exciting theme such as an adventure, movie or perhaps a popular television series, HBO or Netflix. The graphics is nice and so is the music, the great sound effects add an extra feeling of being in the middle of a universe where everyone has the chance to win the big prize.

Due to the great competition among the Danish online casinos, you as a player can get lots of free chances or in other words free spins on the popular slot machines such as Starburst. All casinos offer free spins or in Danish gratis chancer to new customers who create an account and verify it with NemID.

This means that you can start your online  journey and test all the casinos for free before deciding where you want to make a deposit and hang out. An advantage of this method is that all the casinos will then try to reactivate you by sending emails with additional offers of free spins. And who will reject free money you can spend on your favourite slot machines?

Slots Turneringer

All over the world, online slot tournaments are becoming increasingly popular, also here in Denmark. Do you actually intend to try one out for yourself? As with all online games, some players are crazy about slot tournaments, while others simply aren’t interested. For the most part, it all comes down to personal preferences and some more. So to help determine if online slot tournaments are for you, we thought we would point out the primary pros and cons of these very popular casino contests.

So the biggest and most immediate benefit of all tournaments is the one we’ve already touched on – the opportunity to win the most extraordinary prizes. In some cases, slot tournaments have total prize pools of many thousands of pounds or the Danish krones. In others, it may be the case that the top price is a luxury holiday trip, gift card or even a brand new car. As such, those who get into things for the primary purpose of playing for prizes may be at be delighted with online slot tournaments. Even better, the associated costs of playing for extremely generous prizes are also relatively low with a slot tournament. And in the statistical sense, you are far more likely to win.

If online gaming is generally your thing, it’s definitely worth checking out a tournament to spice things up a bit. The reason is that while it may be exciting enough to play your favorite online slots, tournaments inject an additional element of competitiveness into the equation. You play not only against the machine, you also play against other players just like you. Which for competitive types can at least make the whole experience a little more exciting!

Last but not least, there is so much to say for the simple enjoyment that comes with participating in online slot tournaments. Whether paying a penny to enter or play for free can be a tremendously enjoyable experience from start to finish. Since online tournament usually takes some time to finish, you may also find out that you get so much more value for money than you would play slots in the normal way, individually.

Old Gaming Machines v.s. Online Slot Machine Games

What is best? Online slot games, or real old fashioned slot machines – the classical ones.

Such a question often comes up. Some of the advantages of online slots are undoubtful:

  •  Accessing an online slot machine is faster and easier.
  •  Bonuses associated with online slot machines are obviously bigger.
  •  You spend less energy when playing on online slot machines.
  •  There are several options and choices online.
  •  You do not have to pay for transport to get to and from the casino.

Disadvantages of playing online:

  •  Playing at a real casino is more sociable.
  •  There are no free drinks and snacks when playing online.

It is entirely up to you what decision to make and what to choose. But, if you play solely on slot machines for financial reasons, then it’s a simple choice.

Although progressive online jackpots do not always reach the height of jackpots in real casinos, all other financial metrics indicate that online casinos are more profitable.

The online slot machine bonus contributes greatly to this fact, but it is also important to note that the payout percentages on online slot machines are generally higher. We took a look at some of our favorite casinos, real casinos as well as online casinos.

Online casinoer:

  • MrGreen
  • LeoVegas
  • Tivolicasino
  • Karamba

Real physical casinos:

  • Casino Copenhagen
  • Marienlyst Casino
  • Real Casino

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