Sports Like the way You need to Play


There are a variety of ways to play sports and even more players that offer you the opportunity to play with them. There are sites that offer as many as 90 different sports to play on. With this option, the restrictions are almost non-existent and it is up to you how you want to set up your gambling. Many of these players also offer you a few different bonuses if you register and play with them. The 토토갤러리 sites are there with the best deals now.

Some different forms of sports betting are as follows:

The ironing tip – you bet on 13 different football matches and choose for each match 1X2, ie who wins or if the match becomes a draw.

Europe Tip – Like the previous one, you bet on 13 matches in Europe and 1X2. Whether the match will be a draw or who the winner will be.

Powerplay – Just like the two above examples, it is important to tip 1X2 in eight elite matches in hockey.

The bomb – here you bet on results in two to four matches or on results for three periods in a hockey match.

Goal tip – Here you should tip which eight matches will be the most targeted out of 30. Anyone who gets eight right alone will always win at least one million Swedish kronor. If no one is all right, the sum is transferred to a Jackpot for next week’s round of Goal Tip.

Games based around sports have always been popular. Even the first computer game ever can be considered reminiscent of ping pong and was thus named Pong. 

  • What does the market look like today? 
  • What games should you test to get your sports dose?


ManagerZone has a slightly different setup where you do not control the players on the pitch, you are their manager and take care of everything around the matches. It is available as a football and hockey version. As a manager, it is up to you to buy the right players, choose which positions they fit best in, make sure you have a good arena to play in and market the team. To your aid there is a large forum with players from all over the world that can help and become your biggest rivals on the field or the hockey rink.


We can’t talk about sports betting without writing a few lines about the most popular football game out there. FIFA comes out with a new version of the game every year and it follows developed carefully and comes with its own innovative gaming techniques . FIFA 19 has a great story to play while you can log in online and play cups and occasional matches against other players on the same server.

NFL 19

If you like regular football, you can take the opportunity to test American football too! Madden NFL 19 follows the classic story of a Texas boy who shows talent, through hard work he climbs to the top of the league and makes his parents proud. The game has not existed as a PC variant since 2008 so for those who play exclusive computer games this is good news. You can finally see how far the game has come since the last release.

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