STS bookmaker description


The STS bookmaker is one of the oldest Polish bookmakers. There is no denying that many players consider it to be one of the best, so today we will present you with a description of the STS bookmaker!

Best bookmaker in Poland

The legal bookmaker STS recently announced on its website that it has a 50% share in the Polish legal bookmaking market. The list of sponsored teams and sports organizations also confirms its strength on the Polish game market. After all, the STS sponsored many rugby teams, KSW matches, and even individual e-sport teams.  What’s even more astounding, STS has been expanding it’s ,,might” over Europe, because in the last few years, in UK, STS launched his child-company named stsbet. All we can say that stsbet bookmaker company has been doing fairly well, and has been trying to invite new players to it’s website, and most of the competition is really shocked how well this company runs.

STS betting offer

STS has prepared many betting options for customers and everyone should find something for themselves. Of course, almost all STS services mainly include sports betting. Football betting is the basis for the STS quotations, although it is not the only content the bookmaker pays attention to, as the STS offers more than 30 different sports, such as soccer, basketball and tennis, but also offers more niche sports. One of the advantages of the STS bookmaker is certainly the possibility to watch live broadcasts of many league matches – sports events such as soccer or basketball, and even more detailed. Of course, nothing is perfect – just like the live sports provided by the STS – you have to reckon with the fact that in order to watch the live you have to be a registered player, besides there is no Polish sports commentary about it.

STS mobile application

The STS mobile application is an application in which this bookmaker has really invested his funds. With the help of the STS mobile application we will be able to place any bets on the bookmaker’s offers, such as real-time bets on virtual sports and pre-match bets. An interesting option in the functionality of the application is a chat where we can chat with other players or we can use a new STS product (e.g. Betgames STS). The biggest advantage is that you can use PIN or Touch ID to protect your STS application.

STS bookmaking shops

Recently the company has adopted a more interesting strategy of running its bookmaking company –  it has provided customers with permanent VIP points. On the one hand it is a very interesting proposition, but on the other hand it should be assumed that most of the STS shops are based on concessions. It is also worth mentioning the proposal of betgames sts, which caused the state to suddenly lose its monopoly on online cards, but we will discuss it later.

Betting on e-sport

STS has been very successful in the year 2020, offering e-sport betting in the worst moments of a pandemic – because e-sport games are basically played in a standard way – has nothing to do with a pandemic because they are played without the participation of the public. Moreover, despite difficult times, the STS has not decided to change its promotions and still provides very interesting bonuses for beginners.

Betgames STS

Undeniably, many things are getting worse not only in the economy but also in sports competitions due to corona virus. Due to last year’s lock-down many bookmakers had to stop offering games, but the STS did not give up, because it also offers virtual sports, e-sports and even Betgames, i.e. online card games betting. The STS has proved itself to be trustworthy, will not leave the market and will not suspend its activity, therefore the bookmaker takes first place in many bookmaker rankings. For us it is not surprising, apart from it’s competition, this bookmaker also listens to customers and always tries to adjust his offer to specific situations.

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