Surprising Health Benefits Bingo Provides


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When you think of staying healthy, playing bingo probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Whether you’re a keen regular at the bingo hall, enjoy playing in the peace and quiet using a website or mobile app, or even if you have never played bingo before, you might be surprised to hear about the several benefits that this fun game can have on your cognitive health.

Let’s take a look at some of the best!

#1. Better Hand-Eye Co-ordination:

Good hand-eye coordination is something that everybody can benefit from, from driving a car to making a cup of tea. If you’re known to be a bit of a ‘butter fingers’ or have a reputation for being a little bit clumsy, then don’t worry – playing bingo could be the fix that you need! When you’re playing the marker and paper ticket version of bingo, this fast-paced game has been proven to dramatically improve hand-eye coordination, thanks to its repetitive nature and quick pace.

#2. Better Physical Health:

You might be wondering how on earth sitting in a bingo hall watching the numbers come up could possibly benefit your physical health – you could spend that time working out in the gym, after all. But, whilst it might not have exactly the same benefits as a weight-lifting session or a sprint on the treadmill, playing bingo generally means that you’re going to have a good time and usually a laugh with friends. And, it’s not a myth that laughter is the best type of medicine – science proves that laughter, excitement and happiness can trigger positive physical changes in your body, leading to a healthier immune system and reduced pain.

#3. Cognitive Boost:

Although bingo itself is a fairly simple game to understand, playing it requires a high level of concentration and you’ll need to be highly alert to make sure that you don’t miss out on getting a full house. Listening out for bingo calls and checking numbers off your tickets may not require you to be a genius, but it’s an awesome workout for your brain that can lead to improved cognitive acuity and better short-term memory abilities.

#4. It’s Social:

With our everyday lives getting busier and busier, it’s not often that many of us get to meet up with friends for some fun and socialising. If you feel like you haven’t been able to get out of the house for ages unless you’re going to work or doing the school run, then this can quickly lead to feelings of loneliness and even depression – and that can go for introverts, too! Thankfully, a visit to your local bingo hall usually means that you’ll be met with friendly faces, and it’s a great idea for a casual outing with friends. Even if you can’t get out to a bingo hall, playing online at websites such as can also be a social experience thanks to the friendly chat rooms.

Do you enjoy playing bingo? Have you experienced any of these health benefits? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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