Surprisingly record-breaking casino slot win on live streaming


If playing online slot casino games sounds boring then check out this youtube link Within few minutes only this player Roshtein made €11000 by playing online slot game. It is hard to believe that a person can pull out something like that. The recording is done live. It is not the first time that a person has won. But this win is a record-breaking win, which can surprise anyone. There are other players who had won but Roshtein hit a huge jackpot making every minute to turn into real cash.

Who is Roshtein?

Roshtein’s real name is Ishmael Swartz, he is a popular individual on Twitch Community. He is a Youtuber and uploads his online game recording to viewers. There are many online playable games but Roshtein favorite genre is Slot Casino Machines. He had been uploading the live streaming of his games on youtube to let people know what they are leaving behind. The cash is real in this game and also winning opportunities comes to those to grabs them. Roshtein keeps on updating new videos that are a charm to watch. He does not play only one casino games as there is a variety of interesting slot games available.

Can I play and win?

If a person is thinking that they can win or not then they are only wasting their time. Roshtein plays casino games at Multilotto which is a marvelous online gaming point. Use the link and sign up as a user to start playing. The number 4816 is the referral code of Roshtein. With this code, a new user gets free 20 spins and a 300 Percent bonus for the first deposit. It will increase the number to chance for winning with greater benefits. The best winning strategy is to play more to get more winning amounts. There are other games in Multilotto but casino game is the simplest one. It does not consume time and the results are out in few seconds only

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