The Difference in Online Bookmakers and Land-Based


About FUN88

  • Caters to Asian players
  • Live streaming of sporting events
  • In-play betting
  • 24-hour live chat support
  • Live dealer casino games

The trusted bookmaker has received one of the very few licenses from the regulator Isle of Man, FUN88 focus supports the Asian market focusing on those bookmakers offering odds in 5 several display formats: American, Hong Kong, Decimal, Malay and Indonesian. All though FUN88 might provide Asian markets, the odds cover sporting events that are worldwide so no matter where you are, FUN88 has something to interest almost everyone. And if you want to try the tables and gamble bigger, FUN88 has some of the highest limits in betting when it comes to online casinos.

Last confirmation

But at last validation, FUN88 don’t accept any players from these following countries: Malaysia, Germany, Taiwan, Philippines, Turkey and the United States. Please remember that this list is subject to change and any inquires for approved countries needs to be made to FUN88 directly.

What exactly is a bookmaker?

A bookmaker (known as a “sportsbook” or a “booker”) is individual/business that proposals odds on most events of sports and will take bets and pay out winnings to bettorsbased on these odds.

Not limited

Not just limited to sporting events, online bookmakers now offer odds as well as accept bets on many different events worldwide such as the results of TV shows as well as political elections to name just a few.

Dawn of the internet

With the beginning of the Internet, this age of the “online bookmaker” came into existence.


What was land-based in the United Kingdom beginning the 1790s and mainly focused on horse racing and overnight gave birth to the industry that started to cater to markets such as the Premier League, Liga Española, Serie A, World Cup, the Olympics, MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL all the while sustaining the needs of bettors around the world.

Fast forward

Fast forward several years and today bookmakers are trying to differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering odds in special markets with a few examples such as “Who will be the next United States president?”, “Will it snow in London on Christmas?” and “Who will win ‘Best Actor’ this year’s Academy Awards?”.

Streamlined processes

With streamlined processes in place in order to handle a gathering of deposit and withdrawal options, sports betting and casino game software that is available to enjoy on one’s desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, and pay-out percentages are more attractive than land-based gambling operations, one thing is for sure, the age of the online bookmaker is here to stay.

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