The evolution of scratch cards



Like or loathe gambling, it’s a fair assumption to say that everybody likes the occasional punt on a scratch card. The variety of bonuses and rewards are seemingly never ending with many prizes and riches up for grabs.

It feels like the little cards of fun have been about for what seems like an eternity, but it wasn’t actually that long ago scratch cards came to be. In 1974, the Massachusetts Lottery introduced them via the American company Scientific Games.

It was actually Daniel W. Bower and John R.Koza – Scientific Games employees at the time – who came up with the idea but it wasn’t until 1987 scratch cards became easily accessible. Funnily enough, it was Massachusetts that first signed up to the idea of instant win scratchies to be offered alongside the lottery. More states cottoned on to its growing popularity before the cards gained worldwide fame in the late 1980’s.

Scratch card appeal

There’s a variety of reasons that make scratch cards so attractive. The low cost, chance of winning instantly and how available they are make them appeasing to the user. Perhaps the most standout feature of scratch cards appeals are that literally anyone can play them.

There’s no skill involved as such, just lady luck and the whole process of buying a scratch card is ultimately fun and exciting. It provides players with a ‘buzz’ and cards have been tailored to suit many people’s tastes and requirements (sport, films etc).

For example, the more standard scratch cards will likely just need the user to match three symbols to win a prize. Other types include bingo-style cards which is played in the same way as the actual game itself; but you’ll determine if you’re a winner much quicker.

In the UK, a vast majority of shops, outlets and supermarkets will have scratch card stands alongside the National Lottery stand, with upto 15 different cards to pick from.

Online version

The progression of the internet has further propelled people’s interest in playing scratch cards. Colourful themes, more games to select from and an increase in prizes has made them appealing to the 21st century player.

Also, many free versions are available so even if players quite literally want to play for fun without the financial repercussions, they can do.

Nearly every online bookmaker in the UK will offer a wide-range of online scratch cards, constantly updating and improving them to suit people’s tastes and requirements.

Perhaps the only significant change from the real-life scratch cards is that users have to typically hover the mouse over the area they want to remove. But the fun and excitement factor is still very much there.

Moving forward, the popularity of scratch cards – whether online or not – will continue to grow and flourish for years to come yet. UK gambling firm Paddy Power are just one of a number of bookies who provide a whole host of different online scratch cards.

Their site is constantly adding and updating their online games and the best scratch card games can be found here:

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