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The Premier League awards every year the goalkeeper who has the most clean sheets (inviolate goal) had all season, known as the Golden Glove.

The Europeans Now

Europeans place a high value on goalkeepers and defensive systems that maintain many clean sheets. On several 안전놀이 betting sites, some predictions end with the guess that a certain team will keep the Inviolate Goal.

There are strategies for betting on Over and Under 2.5 goals, Both Teams Scoring and several others. We suggest you read mine about Inviolate Goal.

Strategy for Betting on Inviolate Goal

For you to better understand this part I’ll have to talk the basics. Betting sites through their odds stipulate which ones are favorites, and their opponents will obviously be the underdog. For example:

  • liverpool-x-crystal-palace-bet365-example betting
  • By 1 × 2 odds you know that Reds are big favorites.

Now, odds in two-outcome markets, such as Inviolate Goal, are like a balance sheet. The odd has to be “split in half” with the 100% odds that each bet has to enter. Let’s see:

  • The odds for Liverpool to keep a cleean sheet are 2.20, which gives a 45% chance. Now, to not have a clean sheet the odd is 1.61, which gives 62%.
  • For Crystal Palace to keep its goal inviolate the chances are 15%, represented at odd 6.50. Not to keep the odd of 1.11 represents 90% of chances. 

Note: the sum of the total percentage is over 100%, and that means the house profit by betting on both results (where we would have lost). This is known as juice. To learn more about this read ‘ What are Odds and how through them do houses profit’.

Smart Realization

  • Realize that there is a huge discrepancy from one team to the other? An odd of 6.50 means that Crystal Palace will not suffer. Already with the Reds the same market has odd of 2.20.
  • Most bettors underestimate the chance of the underdog to score, and also underestimate the possibility of the favorite not to score. This means the favorite will do, while the unlucky one won’t.

We’ve been reading about this market on foreign betting forums to learn a bit about their strategy for betting on inviolate goal. They look for games where there is a clear favorite playing against an underdog , then betting that the favorite will score or not, or that the underdog will keep the goal inviolate.

Note: The idea of ​​betting that the underdog will get a goal has a small odd, so it is not worth risking.

It is necessary to understand that in an analysis the chance of the underdog to score at least one goal is not the same possibility of winning the game.

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