The Worst Decisions a Casino Player Makes while Betting


If the advertisement for casinos were right, every bettor would own a glittering palace where beer would be lowing free, there would chips raining from the rooftop and blackjacks would have never ended. But, it is not so! There are so many etiquette, lingo as well as unstated rules that will make your eyes rotate like slot machines.

Often people spend their whole youth or adult age in gambling and by the time they realize, it is way too late. People often make some bad decisions in between and realize from their mistakes. Here are some of the worst decisions that a casino player makes while betting.

Having the thought that you will win money one day

You need to disabuse this idea instantly. There is no blockbuster franchise opening up for any purpose. There is no money in it. Casinos, on the contrary come up on a daily basis. There are over 1500 casinos in just United States alone because they love to make money this way. The casinos make money because they are famously known as house advantage. Surely, you will win something, if you go on playing… (this is the thought) but in reality… you won’t!

Going to pay rent

More or less, an expansion of the previous statement, but a brilliantly stupid instance! You aren’t Lola from the move Run Lola Run. But, if you were the same from the movie, then your work in The Bourne Identity is commendable.


Reaching back to the ATM for brick and mortar casino betting

Find out exactly the right amount of money you’re willing to spend in a particular period of time. You only need to bring that amount to table. If you end up losing all, then take a break or visit the bar. You can never ever win that money back.

Borrowing cash from friends and family members

It is just like visiting the ATM again and again! Except that you can always talk to them and ask where is the money and take from them? The ATM won’t mail you to ask where the money has been spent after sometime.

Going for field bets in craps

Every bet you make at the casino table is a sucker bet. By going for Horn Bets or keeping the chips on hard, you are just throwing away the money in the air. There is a specific strategy for that and you need to be a player not an addict to avail its benefits.

Using limitless money from credit card when doing online betting

When you’re betting online, then you don’t have to spend from your pocket. All you need to do is make payments via your credit card, debit card or any online banking scheme. However, you go on and on making the transactions without realizing that at some or the other point, it will end. And, there starts the debt phase of your life. It is better to prohibit yourself from spending so much rather than be a slave of debt. You can always go for credit card debt consolidation loan. Just click here and look out for the different programs available.