Things not to do in a game of poker

Things not to do in a game of poker

Each casino has its own rules and poker variations are many, but there are some things that you should never do absolutely. The first thing is certainly you will have a smartphone on unless it is explicitly requested or allowed, you must not offend other players or the coupier, you must never ask the coupier to discover the next cards in case of defeat also because it is an action what is done is useless now and you must not speak in your own language when there are foreign players at the table, it is a rude gesture. The world of poker is full of rules, the sooner you learn to behave civilly the better it will be for you.

Don’t overdo the stakes

Have you ever come across a player who keeps betting in order not to lose? Mistaken! Unless you are proficient at bluffing or have a winning hand, refrain from taking such a foolish and reckless action as you could find yourself in debt up to your neck. Never bet beyond your real possibilities, before playing give yourself a limit and do not exceed it for any reason, by doing so you will be able to go home with some change and have the common sense to understand when to get up and leave the game. Using the No deposit poker bonus codes is most useful in this case.

What are the winning hands?

When you start playing poker for the first time, the first thing you ask is “what are the winning hands?” below are all the possible combinations:

  • Pair:  Two cards of the same rank + 3 additional cards
  • Double Pair:  Two cards of the same rank + 2 cards of the same rank + 1 additional card
  • Three of a kind:  Three cards of the same rank + 2 additional cards
  • Straight:  Five cards in numerical sequence
  • Flush:  Five cards of the same suit
  • Full Three of a Kind : + Pair
  • Four of a kind :  Four cards of the same rank + 1 irrelevant card
  • Straight Flush:  5 cards of the same suit and in numerical sequence
  • Royal Flush: 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace of the same suit

How to play poker?

There are a myriad of variants but we don’t want to confuse you so we want to list below how a classic poker game happens

  • The dealer deals the cards to the players after shuffling the deck
  • The small blind makes the minimum required bet and the big blind double the bet
  • You start playing clockwise, each player decides what to do
  • Each spin the dealer turns over a card from the deck and places it on the table
  • In the final hand the players reveal the cards if they decide to play and the one with the best hand wins

During a game, players can perform various actions such as

  • Knocking or Passing (Check): The player decides to pass to the next hand by making the check or knocking on the table
  • See or call (call): The player puts on the floor a number of chips needed to cover the bet
  • Reviving (raise): The player places a bet higher than expected forcing opponents to bet an amount equal to or greater to continue
  • Leave or fold (fold): Leave the hand renouncing to the plate
  • These are the best strategies for a beginner to adopt if he is in front of a poker table for the first time, the things to know to not make a bad impression but also to get out of it unscathed as they say.

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