Tips on catching a bluff on online poker game


The Poker is one game where a person can win a great amount using bluff. But if you know that another person is bluffing then you will surely turn it into your own advantage. For new players who are not having much experience, they will fall for the bluff. The Texas Holdem Poker – is the place where most of the players gather to play online poker. To understand who is bluffing there are various ways and the thing that has to be done is to make another person not to bluff.

  1. Patterns of betting: The players who are playing online poker are always having some pattern to play. Some of the players are aggressive ones and the passive ones. The new players will not be bluffing but the player who is experienced he will surely go for a bluff. When playing the first game check the pattern of each player as this will help in the next plays.
  2. Movement of the player: The players who are bluffing will take a time to place the bets. As the poker game is already fast forward but they will take time. Also if a player is making quick moves then they are sure that they are having right cards on their hands. But as the game moves forwards the surety of the card decreases and also the speed of the play. But there are some professional players who would not make you feel that they are bluffing. Check the pattern of play and you can easily find who is bluffing.
  3. Going from passive to aggressive: It is a natural thing that when a player starts to lose simultaneously then they start raising the bets. As they are raising the bets they are going for bigger bluffs. They will give a quick play and every time they will raise the bets. They are getting aggressive because of their losing streak.
  4. Testing for Bluffs: The term of testing is to keep on changing the patterns of game play. In the starting and with few more games keep on changing the pattern of your game play. As the person who will be bluffing will be confused as what you are doing. The player who is bluffing will surely become aggressive and also will start to play a little slower than before. This will make you understand that is the person who bluffs the most.

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