Top 5 Tips for Winning at Online Slot Machines


If you enjoy the mystical world of online slot games then you’ll want to read this. To begin we should recognize the types of slot players that exist. We have the spare changers; the guys who drop in a couple bucks to try out a few games at somewhere like Betfair Online Casino and end the night losing a maximum of $100. Nothing wrong with that, they’re in it for the fun, and to kill some time. Next you have the high rollers, the ones that keep feeding the hungry machines hundreds in hopes of big paydays. Occasionally they hit,but most often end their session with a backache and a frown. The last group, and my personal favorite, are the ones who do it for fun and want to win money. These are your evolved humans. That know what they’re in for but also have a little science behind them, guiding the way. There is no known cheat to beat online slot machines, unfortunately, but the following strategy, at the very least, uses some known tactics to help give themselves more chances to win.

TIP 1: Know your online casino game 

You might not be surprised to read this, but most people never take the time to learn the slot game they are playing, so they never truly understand the game mechanics. Knowing the game gives you an edge especially when features are activated that could potentially increase your payout. I always recommend finding games that you enjoy and learn everything about them. The symbol configurations, payouts, bonus rounds, and added features. You can receive free slot credits from Betfair Casino. I personally love their Buffalo 9490 slot. It’s good to test the games for free before you pay to play.

TIP 2: Test the online slots for free
Never jump in head first. To begin, start small and test the game with a small change. As you become more familiar with the game and its mechanics then you can start increasing your bets, spend rate, and hopefully winnings

TIP 3: Save the max credit bets for a machine that’s “hot”

Let’s face it, even though we can’t prove it, we believe that slot machines can get hot. It’s only a matter of math after all. If you lose on a machine all the time, at some point the machine will have to start paying out. Get a feel for it when you are in the eb and flow of the game. And when you feel the game is ready to start to climb its way up to winning rounds then go for the max credit bets and cross your fingers and hope for the best.

TIP 4: Sometimes you go down before you go up
Be aware that there will be times that you will lose before you start winning. I’ve heard of players losing thousands before hitting massive jackpots. Set a budget you are comfortable with but stick with the game. Remember it has to bounce back at some point. The average online slot payout is around 95% so you should be able to make some of your money back theoretically if your payback rate is less than that. Just keep in mind it can become costly so budget appropriately, and never bet more than you can comfortably afford to lose. It is a slot machine, so no matter what you do, wins are never guaranteed.

TIP 5: Don’t get greedy 
Here’s the trickiest one. Greed. Most people when they win want more and risk more and ultimately end up losing.  We’ve heard stories like this for ages. So be tempered. When you’re only risking $200-300 a night and you hit for say $500. That’s a sign to take the money in run. That’s around a 100% return. You won’t get a return like that from your bank. So take and run. This is a hard one tofollow, so here’s some advice. If you win and you still have the urge to play, just shut off the game on your phone or computer and call your spouse and tell them how your play is going.

So there you have it… give this some thought. Hopefully reading will make your slot gaming experience more enjoyable. And remember bet with your head, not over it.

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