Types of Online Betting – Choose the Best


The recreational act of playing games of chance for a stake, which is generally money, is known as betting. Where the conventional betting system was usually manipulated, misused, and frauded, the introduction of online internet based betting has changed the scenario completely. There are over hundreds of ways one can bet online with thousands of websites and service providers. However, keeping aside the games and the names, there are only a few kinds of bets that one can put forward, whether online or offline, in exchange for money. Some of them are listed and described below.

  • Singles: Whether you are a seasoned punter or completely an amateur, the single bets are perfect for you. These are very less risky, and the stake costs a single unit. Calculations are extremely easy as well.
  • Head to Head: Being the most popular form of online betting, head to head betting is basically predicting the fixture’s outcome.
  • Totals (Over/ Under): In totals, another very popular online betting market, one can place bets on any possible or countable statistic in a game like corners, cards, games in a set, free throws, points, etc. and the condition always remain a half number for convenience and avoiding confusion.
  • Handicaps: Handicap betting is a well-known form of online betting which has various forms like Asian handicap, spread betting, line, or points. This is a game where a certain amount of advantage is given to one of the teams who generally is less likely to win. In the United States, handicap betting on traditional sports is crazily famous.
  • Each Way: Another popular form of betting, Each way, is especially famous among punters for horse racing bets. There are two separate bets where one can select and vouch for the winner and another predetermined award place, generally the runners-up and for the second runners up. The terms, rules, and regulations for placing the bets are generally constructed and set in advance by the operator and payout of a faction of the win odds.
  • Multiples: There are wagers where they have more than one selection in them and are known as accumulator bets or multiples. They generally multiply the odds for each bet in one’s bet slip. What’s helps in multiplying the result by one’s stake. The best online betting sites provide options for building the ACCAs with up to 20 selections. This method increases the overall chance of potential return.
  • Double: A very common kind of bet which has not more or not less than two selections is known as double betting. There is a condition that provides someone a return in both selections if they come out winning.

Joining online betting is extremely easy. All you have to do is decide upon a particular way of betting, educate yourself, choose your sport or game, and indulge yourself. It is an excellent way for the next generation’s method for earning some extra pocket money. The Betfair online casino system especially provides opportunities of earning beyond the cash prizes and bet amounts.

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