The UK49s Jackpot of £66 Million That Was Shared between Two Lucky Winners  


This is the highest jackpot amount of UK49s ever to have been witnessed by the public. A lot of people played this draw with an aim of winning the hefty bonuses as well as win the ultimate jackpot if possible. Unfortunately, many people did not win prizes on this draw, but there were two lucky winners who had the opportunity to change their lives for the better. Each of them was awarded a £33 Million which was an amount that was enough for them to do a lot of things in their lives.

The Winning Numbers of the Jackpot

The winning numbers that turned these two people millionaires were 26, 27, 46, 47, 52, 58 and a bonus number 48. After the UK49s Results were announced, these winners confirmed their tickets immediately and informed the UK49’s authority. The authorities did not disclose the names of these millionaires, but they only stated that they are planning a marvelous celebration to hand over the two cheques to the winners. No names were mentioned, but rumor had it that the winners were from the outskirts of London.

The UK49’S Website Traffic before the Jackpot was Won

Some hours before the draw results were announced, it was reported that the UK49’s was selling over 400 tickets per second something that has never been seen before. Noel Edmonds is one of the people who facilitated this historic win by advertising the jackpot on his TV shows and public displays. People were really eager to see the outcomes, but unfortunately, only two winners emerged out of the millions of people who participated in the game. No information was revealed as to whether the winners were interviewed or not but reports indicate that they insisted to remain anonymous.

Since the upgrade of the UK49’s system in 2013, jackpots have been progressing to become large because people don’t win them regularly. Veterans who have been playing this game for long have reported that more people win the bonuses in every draw but not the jackpots. The authorities promised people that UK49’S results will be fair through randomly generating the winning numbers. By generating the numbers randomly, many people will have the opportunity to win prizes all time. There is no ultimate strategy to use when playing this game but people can analyze the most occurring numbers and least occurring numbers before selecting their combinations.

Why People Should Play the Game

Playing UK49’s does not only make you a potential millionaire but also makes you a donor to the less fortunate because the money that people lose is donated to needy people. The UK49’s authority has revealed that over £250 million have been donated to needy people from across the world. By playing the game, you are helping millions of people from the needy countries. Winning is not a predictable occurrence because you can win within your first five trials and say goodbye to the scarcity of money in your life. When the UK49’s results are out, make sure that you confirm your ticket at your local ticket seller.

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