Ultimate Bet Bonus Guide


Some people just aren’t satisfied with normal, everyday experiences. They must explore the “ultimate” in every aspect of life, no matter how dangerous. Do you know the type? When they go out to get some sushi, for example, they insist upon ordering the blowfish despite the fact that, a.) every wall in the restaurant contains a sign stating in large block letters (in four languages) that the blowfish can be fatally poisonous if there is the slightest error in its preparation, b.) The waiter makes you sign a legal waiver before ordering the blowfish, and, c.) A woman at the next table is being carried out on a stretcher, a partially eaten order of blowfish sitting on her plate. Despite all these warning signs, some people just insist on ordering the blowfish.

If you are one such adrenaline junky (or if you just live with one) the only place you want to go for some online poker is Ultimate Bet.com. The name of this site says it all. This is not an online poker room designed to cater to the timid, the cautious or the prudent. It’s all or nothing at Ultimate Bet, and that fearless spirit is represented in everything from the game selection to the great bonuses offered here. Ultimate Bet is part of the Excapsa network, one of the world’s premiere poker networks. These folks really know what they are doing. The traffic at UltimateBet is among the top three or four in both ring games and tournaments. In addition, there’s a huge variety in game selection and many high-limit games.

For a limited time only, Ultimate Bet is offering a whopping 100 percent Deposit Bonus. All you have to do is make your first deposit of $25 or more and your account will be credited 100 percent – up to $500 – in bonus dollars. And that’s just the beginning, a very clever device used to entice you in the door. Once you are inside and the action starts chugging along, the bonuses get even wilder.

Loyalty bonuses at this site come in the form of “Ultimate Points.” These babies are awarded to players for each raked hand or tournament, as well as 1 point per hour and table during play. Jacking up the opportunity to an even higher level, Ultimate Bet awards extra points to players who start up new games. Points can be used for entries to tournaments or merchandise purchases. That’s a really solid and inventive way to encourage a nonstop cavalcade of poker.

Tom Shannahan has been playing poker since he was 16. He grew up watching his father play with friends once a week. He currently writes part time for sitesbookmakers.com where you can find more great information about Bookmaker Bonuses guide

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