Understanding Community Poker Games


Community poker is among the most played poker games today. The name community poker is derived from the fact that all the players share some cards. Very clearly these cards are called the community cards. While several different types of group poker games exist on the idn poker website, the basic concept behind them is the same.

Community games require several face-down cards to deal with each player, as well as several cards spread out at the center of the table. When the game continues, these cards are turned over with betting rounds in between the flipping of cards.

The number of community cards will depend on the type of poker played in the community. The cards can be flipped one at a time or many at a time and each card is flipped, with a betting round going on. There is one more round of betting until all of the cards are flipped. What happens is that any player can use some or all of the group cards to complement his or her hand.

Those group cards are intended to be “shared” among the players. For example, two players may use the same Community cards to complete their hands. The one big difference between a community game and the next one is how group cards are set out on the table.

This is usually at the discretion of the dealer that cards are flipped because he is the one who does the flipping. This action is the only thing that sets one community game. The other unique aspect is the shape of the cards laid for playing.

The Line Community Game

In the idn poker website, the Hold ‘ Em games, played by rich people with big money tournament-goers, this type of group card is most popular. This includes a line of cards flipped either one at a time or a few at a time and used to make the best five-card hand along with the cards dealt with a player. 

The Cross

This community card format involves rows of cards which at some point intersect, the most common being Iron Cross. This usually involves a card serving as a cross-point between rows of cards, this card being a part of each row. Generally, there is indeed a stipulation concerning the one card.

The Circle

This does fall under the most commonly followed format.  It requires a series of cards, either flipped by the dealer more than one at a time. It is usually that cards must be adjacent to each other in the circle used by the players.


The popular aspect of Community games is the betting rounds that result in each card is flipped. For most tables with limited stakes, the general rule is that there is a betting round for any card flipped face-up by the dealer.

High or Low 

Most people enjoy adding this dimension to a game in the community. As in Stud games, High / Low played in the idn poker website involves the pot is divided into two at the end of the game, half going to the best-handed player, the other half going to the worst handed player. This feature enables the game to hold for a longer time for more players, though the pot is split in half. 


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