Upcoming Trends to Look For in Online Casino 2020


What to expect from 2020 Online Casino Trends? We have made it through Spring 2019, and we see how they are formed at this time of the year.

2019 is a year that can be said to be great for the online casino industry with many interesting developments that might not be able to handle it for sure, but 2020 they will have set it to be even better.

Bitcoin Casino

We had predicted that the Bitcoin casino would take over the industry and it proved to be true. we know from the crypto currency payment method, but usually also offer a much more traditional method of payment. In addition, what we mean is that the Bitcoin casino does not refer to Bitcoin itself because there are several other cryptocurrency that are prevalent in the online casino industry. Take Bob Casino for example; they offer traditional payment methods as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Litecoin and Dogecoin. As time goes by, we estimate that there will be more casinos like this that will accommodate various payment infrastructures.

Virtual Reality Casino

Virtual Reality Casino was one trend that was predicted to be a big game changer, but this hasn’t fully materialised yet. However, at the ICE London conference, NetEnt unveiled their first virtual reality slot game, the VR version of the ever-popular Gonzo’s Quest.


Gamification was a big trend in the past few years; you’ll see plenty of online casinos like Casumo who offer more ways to play. Apart from the games that they offer, Casumo makes a game out of your progress as a player; they make navigating through their games library a game in itself.

Live Dealer Casino

We already know that Live Casino has made a huge leap in the past few years and we expect it to continue to shine in 2018 and beyond. A similar trend that we predict will grow around this, is TV casinos. A couple of different providers have broadcast channels. Users can both play and watch live casino games in their sitting room, directly from their smart TV. This trend is constantly increasing its popularity, and there are thousands of people who love this format.

2020 online casino trends – Live Dealer casino

Social Gaming on the Rise

There are plenty of games that now resemble Facebook games like Candy Crush etcetera.

Not only in the game arena, online casinos will probably make a move toward adding more social interaction, communication between players etcetera because of the clear success of these elements in Live Casino.

Bigger Jackpots

There were plenty of massive progressive jackpots picked up in 2017, cryptocurrency jackpots and jackpots on mobile. This is most likely going to generate renewed interest in playing progressive jackpots. Renewed participation in progressive jackpots will see an increase in the scale of jackpots and the hit frequency. Progressive jackpot winners in 2018 are, thus, likely to have even more cause for celebration than their predecessors. For more information please visit empire777


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