Various Types of Online Casinos to Choose From To Indulge In Gambling


With the craze of online gambling increasing every day, the number and types of casinos springing up online is simply mindboggling. All offer almost the same games and promotions. Foremost one needs to first identify an authentic online casino review website like Then while the underlying constitution of a casino remains the same, they vary in their method of attracting and retaining customers. They also differ in the games that they specialize and the bonus that they offer. They also vary in the basic types. To help you understand the better and take your right pick of online casino, we throw light on some of the different kinds of them.

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Independent Online Casino

  • These are a standalone operation and are unique in being different from all others.
  • Their software is often developed in-house and thus are specific to that site.
  • While one may enjoy the unique software and thus games, these are often expensive sites as its software needs to compete with the rest and that proves to be a very costly affair.
  • Since maintenance of the wesite also costs, these sites often have higher house edges and lower payouts.
  • The trust factor with these sites is a major problem. These are run by independent operators who are answerable to none and thus can close shop anytime, and your money could be down the drain.
  • Most of theonline scammers belong to this niche, and thus it is the most feared niche among online gamblers.
  • These are also less competitive and offer much shallower game selection.

Due to all this, these are generally not attractive and lucrative to themajority of online gamblers.

Online Casinos with Licensed Software

  • These casinos can be run by independent operators or can be part of a small group.
  • These use licensed software which could be an authentic manufacturer like Microgaming or an independent developer. Sometimes they purchase software from smaller software manufacturers as well.
  • They are more reliable and offer wider game selections.
  • The payouts and bonuses provided by these are much more competitive and attractive.
  • With these casinos, you can expect their individualized promotions and competition schemes for which the casinos personally are held responsible.
  • These casinos are enjoyable and profitable provide one is careful in picking an authentic one initially. They do not shut down as fast.

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Online Casino Group

  • These are the largest and most trustworthy casino sites available online.
  • These are highly reliable and safe sites which have a government license and abide by all government rules and regulations.
  • These are parts of an online casino group.
  • They work similar to poker networks.
  • Because of high availability, most extensive network of people joining them and various casinos belonging to same employer, they offer group-wide promotions which are extremely lucrative.
  • The biggest advantage that these casinos enjoy is that via targeting various player-segments, they are able to reach and capture a large chunk of the fragmented market.
  • Player retention is extremely high here as numerous options are available to players to kill boredom at any point.
  • Here players can quickly move through different casinos yet generate revenue for the same entity.


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