Welcome To EOS Block Chain: The Fastest Decentralized Platform For Gaming Options To Choose From And Earn Exciting Prizes!


The online gaming platforms have emerged as a saviour for the people who are interested in the concept of placing bets and gambling. EOS is one of the new block chain projects to enter the cryptocurrency market. It aims at providing a network capable of processing millions of transactions per second as it raises money. The website eosbet.io takes minimum rent and offers free bets at a continuous scale.

It promises to become the main block chain in the future becoming one of the fastest free transacting networks. Earning through such networks especially when you have interesting games to play can be very tempting.

Unique features of cryptocurrency:

  • It can help you earn money free of costs and anonymously.
  • Operates the same way as any other crypto currency network. The system operates as an excellent money transfer structure between two persons anywhere around the world in a matter of seconds.

The gambling platform built by EOSCasino is an entirely trustable and fair portal which is the first to be built on the high-performance EOS.IO Blockchain. A beta test of the gambling platform was scheduled, and the result showed that a total of10 million bets was placed on the concerned platform.

Recently the eosbet.io launched dice, and it was a great success:

  • The dice concept introduced along with other slot games have been receiving massive traffic over the net and gained a lot of popularity. In fact, it is currently featured on the top 3 list on dapp trackers.
  • EOSBet has over 50,000,000 wagered on the newly introduced dice game.
  • Introduced only recently, it already ranks among the best apps.
  • It has broken records regarding the highest volume per 24 hours and the maximum amount of transactions per 24 hours.
  • The dice gained popularity as it gave practically freerolls on the dice and millions of players jumped at the prospect of earning without any cost.
  • Users bet over $250,000 on dice that is a quarter of a million just on dice.
  • io is being credited for managing online traffic, and it is also believed that no other blockchains could have handled it like the way eosbet.io did.

Though the dice game and other slot games were launched on ethereum as well, there were specific issues regarding the scaling, which were put down and launched on the eosbet.io.

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