What You Need to Know About Casino Software


Casino software is a really wide concept. Often it implies main software of the game:

  • Casino software – a platform, various instruments for project management and tracing all processes, security systems, CMS for content and client base management, plugins, ets.
  • HTML5 casino games – is why gamblers come to the project. Number of companies have slot games for sale, but if you want to receive qualitative, and what’s most important, original slot machines, provider must be chosen very responsibly.

Let’s answer some questions, which bother any beginner gambler the most.

How the slot machine is arranged?

Modern video slots have remained only visual component from former ones. Everything, that player sees on the screen, is just a simulation. Modern games operate on difficult mathematical models and advanced algorithms, general name of which is random number generator.

Casino slot games for sale – is a widely spread service, but it doesn’t mean, that you shall buy games from any provider. It’s necessary to understand what is what.

Work of RNG involves theoretical percent of return. In license games of the leading world developers this mark isn’t lower than 92%, on average it’s 95%.

What does return mean? Let’s look at a simple example. We have three players – A, B, C. They’ve all refilled game accounts in slot “X” for 100 standard units each. Potential prize fund in this case makes 300. So, if we have a theoretical return of 95%, the reminding 15 s.u. will become income of the slot “X” operator.

The prize fund isn’t necessarily divided equally among the three players. In one case one player can take all 285 s.u., in other session one player might have 200 an other one – 85 and the third gambler will leave with nothing. There’s incalculable number of variants.

Of course in practice it’s all more complicated and division takes place among many thousands of players. Somebody will be lucky enough to get a good multiplier and to double it several times in a row within one round on doubling – who knows what might happen? Therefore return percent – is an alternative thing.

Many wonder, if the software owner can influence the return percent. If we’re talking about qualitative original product, there’s no way for settings or other interferences into system’s work.

Though today a number of slots for sale, providing this setup, are available at the market. On seeing it be sure – casino software is stolen. If you plan to make money on gambling – don’t save on it.


Mostly people don’t care about dispersion, when talking about casino slots for sale. Meanwhile it’s one of the most important features of HTML5 casino games. Having made decision to buy casino slots – consider specifying dispersion level.


  • High dispersion: “Seldom, but to the point”. Scorings fall out seldom, but they have imposing sizes.
  • Average dispersion: optimal variant. Multipliers are created rather often, prizes aren’t small or big.
  • Low dispersion: slot machines for players with unstable mentality.

To approximately orient on potential dispersion level of a concrete game, go to help section and look at the biggest multiplier:

  • over×10 000 – high;
  • from ×5000 to ×10 000 – average;
  • less ×5000 – low.

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