Which Is The Best Version Of Rainbow Riches?


If you’re anything like us, there’s one name that comes to mind before all the others when you think of Irish-themed online slots. That’s “Rainbow Riches” by Barcrest. We mean no disrespect to any other publisher or any of the incredible online slots they’ve created, but “Rainbow Riches” is the undisputed market leader. The very first “Rainbow Riches” set the tone for what an Irish-themed slot should look and feel like. It’s the familiar logo of this game that you’ll see somewhere near the slots when you walk into a casino in real life. It’s one of the very few online slots that you might even see advertised on television, and it’s made its parent company colossal amounts of money.

Everything we’ve just said is accurate, and yet there’s a big problem with it. You see, “Rainbow Riches” isn’t just one online slots game. It’s a whole series, released over many years, and taking on different styles and genres. There are versions of “Rainbow Riches” aimed at traditionalists. There are versions of “Rainbow Riches” aimed at people who enjoy ‘free spins’ features, or huge jackpots. At this point in time, we can safely say that there’s a version of “Rainbow Riches” out there for every type of online slots player, and it’s just a matter of finding the one that most appeals to you. That leaves us with only one question to answer; which version of “Rainbow Riches” is the best?

The only fair way to answer that question is by lining the best contenders up side by side – so let’s do it!

The Original Rainbow Riches

Barcrest’s first-ever “Rainbow Riches” slot was released in 2009 and changed the world of online slots forever. It did that by introducing larger-than-life characters, bright colors, and a blend between modern and traditional gameplay that would set the tone for many copies, clones, and ‘inspired by’ games that would follow in the next few years. There’s nothing especially complicated or unusual about the first “Rainbow Riches.” It’s a standard five-reeled slot with 95% RTP, a maximum jackpot of 500x your line bet, and a couple of strong bonus features. The “Wishing Well” prize-picker bonus was original for its time, and the “Road to Riches” bonus is one of the best attempts at echoing the style of a classic slot machine bonus in an online slots format. It’s more than the sum of its parts, and it’s still the most popular version of “Rainbow Riches” today. Put it this way; when a publication the size of the Sun prints a guide on how to play it, the game has to be a pretty big deal!

Rainbow Riches Megaways

Almost every classic slot from a decade ago or more gets the “Megaways” treatment eventually, and that day finally arrived for “Rainbow Riches” in July 2019. “Megaways” slots have been revolutionizing the world of online slots for much of the past three years, and the “Megaways” version of “Rainbow Riches” comes with all the trimmings. We’re talking six reels with a floating seventh, an astonishing 117,649 ways to win when every payline is activated, and 96% RTP. A couple of sacrifices have had to be made to allow for the hugely expanded layout, though, and so the only bonus features in sight are a ‘free spins’ round and a ‘super gem’ collection feature that generates matching symbols. Also, the jackpot has been dropped to x50 your line bet. It’s a more dynamic and exciting Online Slots UK to play than the original and possesses much of the same charm.

Rainbow Riches Drops Of Gold

This 2018 creation might just be the most complex of all the variants of “Rainbow Riches” out there and possibly the most rewarding. Upon loading this online slots game, players are presented with five reels and a whole eight rows, four of which are contained in a brightly-colored rainbow full of gold and silver pots. Persuading those gold and silver pots to fall from the rainbow and land on your reels is the key to success. Land the “Drops of Gold” symbol anywhere on the fifth reel, and every single pot in the rainbow will fall down and land in its corresponding position on the ‘regular’ reels before becoming wild. Big wins are almost guaranteed! There’s a more traditional free spins feature available too, just in case the “drops of gold” feature proves to be too hard to trigger. RTP cal go as high as 97.75% depending on how you play, up to 200 ways to win are available, and the max jackpot is a healthy x1000 your stake.

Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home

After playing so many “Rainbow Riches” games, you’ve probably begun to feel quite at home with its familiar leprechaun mascot. He must feel the same way about you, too, because he’s invited you to come and play at his home! You’ll find him living in a treehouse above the reels, behind one of the four wooden doors. Knock on the right one to create additional wild symbols on your reels. Find the fairy, and receive additional wild positions to go with your additional wild symbols! Landing multiples of the leprechaun symbol triggers a free spins feature, during which the aforementioned ‘knock knock bonus’ remains active until the free spins round comes to an end. As with “Drops of Gold,” the RTP of this slot can be increased up to 97.75% by using the “Big Bet” feature. Max jackpot is set at x1000 your stake, and there are fifty paylines active at all times. This is also, in our humble opinion, the best-looking of all the “Rainbow Riches” slots.

So, having covered these four contenders, which do we think is best? We couldn’t possibly say. Sorry about that. We’ve given the matter a lot of thought, and we’re happy to stick our necks out and say that these four are better than the rest of the entries in the franchise, but we can’t choose between them. They’re pitched at different types of online slots players, and they all have their own appeal. All we can do is suggest that you give all four of them a spin and see which one speaks to you!