Why are there still awful casinos and why do people keep playing them?


This post will not answer these questions. It is only a reflection, hopefully not too philosophical, on a very simple matter.

We are talking about online casinos, an ever-expanding sector that attracts more and more users every year.

In such a crowded scenario, it is normal to imagine that competition is very high. That’s right, there are a lot of new operators trying to make the leap in a very liquid sector, where there is a lot of money.

Even if 3-4 groups dominate the market. So far nothing absurd.

It is also common that there are quality casinos that offer great service and others that don’t do their job so well.

What is incredible, however, is that among the latter there are casinos managed by top groups, which we talked about previously.

Take, for example, Starspins, an online operator in the hands of Gamesys, a group that manages other well-known brands especially in the United Kingdom such as Jackpotjoy and Virgin Casino.

It is a brand that does not enjoy a great reputation, however it can boast more than 1 million monthly users (source similarweb.com).

That’s why some questions arise spontaneously:

• how is it possible that an established gambling group is not able to offer a cutting-edge service?

• If the bad reviews are just the result of player frustration, can a group like Gamesys afford to do nothing to manage the reputation of one of its main brands?

• Why do players keep playing and complaining instead of trying new services?

It is obvious that these big brands manage to have greater visibility and that players often start playing on these platforms simply because they have limited information available.

The good thing is the undeniable presence of many other quality online casinos.

When looking for a new online casino, the priority is to avoid sites that are completely unreliable and unlicensed (UKGC license in the case of the United Kingdom).

The advice we give to anyone interested in the world of online gaming and wanting to register at a new casino is to find the time to read online reviews.

It’s true: in most cases, people don’t have time to inform themselves properly, especially if all they want is spending a few hours spinning slots in their free time.

However, it is a worthwhile investment to avoid bad gaming experiences, and to avoid, in the worst case scenario, throwing your money away.