Why Gamers are Spending More Time on Their Smartphones


Every day, we see more and more people carrying smartphones. The ability to play games on the phones has made gaming accessible to many more people than ever before – and the numbers are growing every year. But this is not just a trend: it’s an important evolution of how we’re using technology for entertainment!

According to NewZoo, there are now more than two billion gamers with the average age being 35 years! Games have gone from an occasional diversion for a few kids at school or work to something that is played daily on devices all over the world.

The average person spends about three hours a day on their smartphone, and there’s a reason why nearly everyone you see these days is on their phone. With the rise of mobile gaming, it’s no wonder that people are spending more and more time playing games instead of going out or doing other activities. This has also become so prevalent for casino games at Quickspin Casinos; with optimization of casino games for mobile gaming, it’s become easy to enjoy favorite slots and take some spins on the go.

Here are three reasons why gamers are spending more time on their smartphones:

  1. Mobile Gaming is Always Within Reach 

One of the reasons that people are spending more time on their smartphones is that it’s easy to keep playing games. You can easily take your phone with you at all times, whether you’re commuting to work or taking a break from work and waiting for your bus home. With mobile gaming, you can play anytime and anywhere. Even more interestingly, it’s become possible to use cryptocurrencies when gaming. 

  1. There are Many Great Apps for Mobile Gamers

There are thousands of apps available designed specifically for smartphones – including plenty of fantastic casino games, which are perfect for casual gamers looking for some quick entertainment while they’re out and about. This means there’s no shortage of options when it comes to finding something fun to play!

Mobile games have become increasingly more sophisticated, and many of the biggest casino games for mobile devices now offer gameplay that’s just as good as on a PC. As time goes by, it’s becoming harder and harder to tell the difference between mobile gaming and PC/console gaming!

  1. Mobile Gaming is More Social Than Ever Before

Social media has made it easier for people to stay in touch with each other – even if they’re not together. One way this manifests itself is through games like Words with Friends, which is a popular game for social platforms.

Bottom line

The mobile gaming industry is booming, with more people than ever before playing games on their smartphones. It’s also clear that smartphones have made video games more accessible to people who otherwise would not be gamers. 

With mobile gaming continuing to get more attention, people spending more time on their smartphones every day –and for a good reason of entertainment! Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a casual gamer looking for some fun on the go, or anything in between, mobile gaming has become the way to go!