Why the free netent software is taking over and how netent slots is the next big thing


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NetEnt or Net Entertainment is a casino gaming developer. It is based in Sweden and Malta but has over 600 employees from various countries of the globe. After having several years of experience and continuous developments, NetEnt is one of the market leaders in this field whose primary focus is the creation and production of new challenging casino games. Check here for netent slots (a full guide). Enjoy the article.

NetEnt software is very reliable due to many reasons. First of all is the fact that its games are attractive, realistic and quite profitable for the players. This means that gamblers will feel like they have (which they do) better chances at winning high money prizes. NetEnt games go beyond the classics like blackjack, roulette or slots machine. This new generation of casino games are innovative, “out of the box” and likely to provide high payout percentages. Players always appreciate games that pay large sums of money. That is why NetEnt has surpassed regular payout percentages of classic casino games (around 60%, meaning for every dollar invested, 60 cents will be paid out) to assured its players a payout percentage which varies from 96% to 98.5%. This means that when you win, it will be bigger than anywhere else.

Another reason why NetEnt is highly trusted is due to its anti-tampering mechanism. The software used to develop NetEnt games is not impossible to crack but it’s extremely difficult. This means that whenever you play one of its games, you can feel safe and just enjoy because you won’t be robbed. However, there are many illegal online websites that claim to run of NetEnt software. Therefore, to make sure you are in fact playing a NetEnt game, always look for a loading screen which displays the logo of NetEnt and the text “A Net Entertainment Production”.

Furthermore, trusted NetEnt casinos are very easy to find in the Web. Lately, more and more casinos are hiring NetEnt to become the official providers and developers of casino games. This is a result of the reputation and acceptance rates of NetEnt games. Although the number of NetEnt casinos is growing, there is a short list of online websites that have run on Net Entertainment for years. Therefore, online casinos like Mr. Green or Unibet are acknowledge as perfect environments to take full advantage of this new generation of casino games.

Lastly, players feel very attracted to NetEnt games’ jackpots policy. These games have been introduced with what it’s called a “progressive jackpot”. This is divided into “local” and “pooled” versions. In the first, the jackpot is gathered in one NetEnt casino while the latter is made up of different combine jackpots which make the prizes rise drastically.

Taking into account all of these reasons, it is fair to think that NetEnt casinos are the future. NetEnt has already released its first Virtual Reality game called “Gonzo’s Quest” which promises to be a whole new slot game experience. Right now NetEnt is working on “live dealers” games which will combine with VR technology. In other words, the future is very bright for NetEnt, so join the movement!

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