Why Would You Need 먹튀검증 Verification Of ID In Betting?


Betting is a recreational game that aims at profit-making. This simply implies that you will invest your money to make more of it in a certain way. Today, in a world where the internet is so significant and has digitized almost every facet of the investment process, betting is a dangerous one.

It involves

  • Forgery
  • Illegal transactions
  • Money laundering
  • Hacking
  • And many more

The above reasons are enough to know why betting companies believe in the verification of the ID before any further transactions. After all, it’s the matter of black ink (먹튀검증).

How this verification does take place?

Now, with the need of verification processes, many companies emerged with the concept of software identifying forgery and criminal accesses. This made things a lot easier for betting companies.

The gaming bet companies tie-up or work in partnership with the verification software proffering companies. Let’s take it like this- when we enter a foreign website there’s a captcha for you to fill that differentiates you of being a robot, so just wonder, we talk about money here. Hence, the risk is not an option at any point.

A group of authoritative people decides on what grounds the verification should be done, like-

  • For verifying the age, a driving license, passport, ID, and any government-related document are necessary.
  • The betting sites have this KYC (know your customer). Filling this is crucial to make any kind of investment.
  • Verification of the betting account is compulsory. Like, if you made any transaction, you would get to have a frozen background.

What if the verification is refused?

First and foremost, you get your verification or account refused only when the documents you provided are false or not registered. The bookmakers or the authorities have specified a set of terms and conditions. You must be working according to it. If not, your verification will be considered false.

Sometimes, you get refused due to technical or physical issues of the document. Like, a blurred photo of yours, invalid passport, and often the gadget you use does not identify the things.

Advantages of verification:

  • Easy detection of forgery.
  • True black ink (먹튀검증, which is a Korean term)
  • Accessing becomes fluent.
  • Help reduce hindrances in betting for the near future.
  • No criminal activities.

The internet is not a safe place. The lurking hackers with malicious intent can harm you badly. Hence, verification is the best thing for those who are involved in betting.

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