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Being an amateur gambler, I like to visit all types of gambling dents or arcade centres. You can brand or call me a “kaki judi” (Gambler in Malay) or player. It is much like thrill seeking to go to illegal dents as we are also at risk of being raided by the authorities. In Malaysia, the best for you to stay out of trouble is to go to Genting. However, during my time, at those not-so-legit dents together with other fellow gamblers, we would often share our joys, disappointments and sometimes, even anger.  We were into Blackjack, poker, slots, roulette, you name it. I really enjoy this type of company.

Occasionally, I will go to Genting or take on a cruise to experience legit casinos. Those casinos are already good in my opinion…. until I went to Macau for the very first time and it really blew my mind away. I never felt so comfortable sitting down and spent 18 hours daily at the casino in Macau. I still miss the times in Macau and I really hope that I could go back again. Now back to reality, I have to work at least 7 days a week with very limited free time thus making the chance to visit Macau again, very thin.

Recently a buddy of mine, Peter introduced me to Bodog Online Live Dealers. Peter pretty much likes to play slots during our break time at work. At one time he was able to win $100 in just 5 minutes! I have tried playing at some online casinos before but they didn’t excite me much. Most of the time, I didn’t win big at those online casinos. I was able to get Peter to refer me to Bodog Online Live Casino and it changed my life.

At Bodog Online Casino, there are more than 10 baccarat live dealers, it feels so real to be on the live dealer table as I can even make real time interaction such as deck cutting! The dealers are professional and gorgeous. After work, it is the time for me to relax myself and I would login to Bodog Online Liev Casino and play my games. We are talking about over 400 types of slots in Bodog so I am filled with so many choices. Save all the hassles of driving out or risk being arrested at unnamed gambling dents or arcade centres. Some of my favourite slot games are A Night with Cleo, 777 Deluxe and Jolly Roger’s Jackpot. Try out A Night with Cleo, you might also enjoy some risqué business in the game as well, good luck! If you are having OCD on which games to decide, you can actually select the type of games based on the category. If common casino games are not enough, show off your fishing skills on Fish Hunter 2, a fishing game that mimics real life fishing with the chance be rewarded with $$$ instead of fish!

When I join Bodog Online Live Casino, I was presented with a welcome bonus and immediately I could start to wage my bets on roulette. Strangely, I don’t feel lonely at all as I could meet other players from all over the world at the “lobby”. From time to time, I could also meet up hot VJs and make live bets. I am very happy with the overall service provided by Bodog’s Live Dealer Casino. That feeling certainly reminds me of Macau casino each time I logged into Bodog Online Live Casino.

Did I mention about the payout system of Bodog Online Live Casino is one of the best among other online casinos? The payouts or odds of the games have been clearly explained and stated in Bodog’s website. It gives a peace of mind whenever you want to play at Bodog Online Live Casino. The customer service is also outstanding. It got all my questions or problems solved without delays. As a loyal customer, Bodog’s reward program is like no other, redeem points you have collected and convert them into cash money; no strings attached. This is a plus as points will be awarded when you play your games.

I have done many rounds of fund deposits and withdrawals without any problems with Bodog Online Casino. The connection with Bodog Online Casino is very stable so I had never encountered any issues or loss of money due to connection disruption. Please do keep in mind to have a stable connection on your end before you start to play.

Thanks to Bodog Online Casino, I am able to buy myself a brand-new car. I could not be happier to see the jealous stares of my co-workers when I am riding on my brand new ride. I managed to refer some of them to Bodog and earned extra bonuses as a referee. It is a win-win situation for both parties and I do hope they make big bucks from Bodog. The odds of winning are better in Bodog.