Winning with a Blackjack Strategy 


Blackjack is known to be one of the most popular casino games in the world.  The reason for its popularity is because it has easy rules to remember and the low house edge is one of its main attractions.  What many Blackjack players fail to realise is that it is possible to reduce the house edge even more.  There have been many Blackjack success stories and professional players such as Kenny Uston and George Hascik have demonstrated that having a Blackjack system can improve the chance of winning.

Reducing the House Edge

When comparing casino games such as Roulette, Baccarat or Craps to Blackjack it is evident that the online Blackjack Canada offers has high value and the advantage of a low house edge.  When a player participates in a game that has good conditions and rules a player may be looking at a house edge of only 0.8%.  A player who does not grasp the importance of a Blackjack strategy will find themselves making more mistakes which in turn affects their bankroll.  A player who uses a strategy will make fewer mistakes and be able to bet more once they have successful hands.  A strategy results in placing the right sized bets and also know when to place these bets which helps with reducing losses and maximises their wins.

The Basic Strategy

Blackjack is a game where the advantage fluctuates as every card that is dealt will have an impact on the subsequent hands.  Players who make use of even a simple strategy also known as a basic strategy will be able to reduce the house edge to about 0.5% while players who do not and rely on luck will notice an increase in the house edge of between 3% to 6%.  Strategies like card counting have been known to eliminate the house edge completely to the point where the player has an advantage over the dealer.  Players begin to win more and increase their bankroll.

Professional Blackjack players will emphasise the importance of using a basic strategy and through a study done by Julian Braun in 1960 a basic strategy has been proven to work.  He formulated a chart which tells a player which moves to make at points during the game.  In order for the strategy to work players will need to memorise the chart especially when playing at a land-based casino.  Playing Blackjack online using a basic strategy is obviously simpler as players can consult the chart.  Players must be aware that there may be scenarios that the chart will not cover and to be able to make decisions independently of the chart.

Card Counting

Although the basic strategy can result in a reduction of the house edge to 0.5% it is possible to lower it further.  One method is card counting, and here, players can increase their wins by betting more when they are winning and less when the dealer is winning.  Card counting is not allowed in many casinos and by using this strategy a player can decide which move to make next by keeping track of the cards that are still to be dealt.

Many different systems have been formed over the years each offering different challenges and complexities.  Blackjack players should analyse these systems to find one that will suit their playing style and by making the right decisions having an advantage over the casino is a definite possibility.

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