Wunderino bonus year 2020


We wish you a happy new year and hope that you achieve everything you want. If financial independence or at least a good cash-boom are part of it, a big casino win would of course work well. Wunderino Casino has been on the market since 2016 and has earned a good reputation in the industry in the past. It is particularly widely known for the numerous Wunderino bonus offers. We will tell you what the Wunderino Casino has to offer you in the new year and whether it can be expected that the casino will continue to live up to its name and whether it is suitable for making a big profit with those bonus offers and conditions. At Casibonus.de you may read a serious and well researched review of the Wunderino Casino.

Wunderino bonus offers in January 2020

The Wunderino Casino is starting the year 2020 rather quietly and offers “only” a 100% deposit bonus of up to 100€ for new customers plus addiotionally 30 free spins at the great Aloha slot machine from NetEnt. A 100% bonus with a maximum of € 100 is fairly average, even if the Aloha slot from NetEnt is a real eye-catcher and pretty popular within the branch of Online Casinos. The great thing is that the slot machine takes you into the tropical South Pacific, more precisely to Hawaii. This is particularly good in the cold season, as we’re currently walking around in the cold all the time and have to fight with a runny nose. The everlasting sun and warmth of Hawaii helps you a bit to forget the cold and darkness here and now. Nevertheless, the bonus is anything but outstanding and does not exactly indicate a brilliant start to the new year. But one must admit, that the casino had very good offers around Christmas and on New Year’s Eve in the program and that many players were able to win great wins with those offers. For Christmas the Wunderino Casino has offered the two slot machines: “Fat Santa” and “Secret Santa”, which fitted perfectly into the Christmas mood, both with their symbols and with the great wins they offered. We hope anyway that the Wunderino Casino will add some more great Wunderino bonus offers in the course of the year – and this is actually to be expected, since the casino certainly does not want to give up its reputation as a bonus master so lightly.

Wunderino bonus loyalty program

Even if the bonus offers at Wunderino in January are rather poor, there is still a good loyalty program from which you can of course benefit as a player at any time. The system works relatively easy and hasn’t changed much recently. Every game and every deposit earns you loyalty points that give you further benefits like extra free spins and other great offers. For example, loyal customers can benefit from withdrawals without a fee – whereas new players, depending on the payment method, are charged with small withdrawal fees. So it is definitely worth staying on the ball at Wunderino Casino, so that in the case of a big win, you don’t have to pay any fees. Unfortunately it should be criticized that the Wunderino loyalty program is not particularly transparent and that no binding statements are made at their websites. We hope that the Wunderino Casino will use 2020 to make the loyalty program more transparent so that you can work more specifically towards certain milestones, because that would be of great benefit for any player that takes gambling seriously.

Wunderino outlook for 2020

As already briefly mentioned, Wunderino Casino is considered the master of offers in the branch of Online Casinos. That means, even if the casino did not start the year directly with very good bonus offers, it will certainly work out new and very attractive offers during the year. When exactly that’s going to happen and what kind of offers that are going to be still remains unknown, as the Casino is not announcing anything big until now. In the past few years there were usually the first really good offers around Easter, so that’s a good time to look for. So if you want to sweeten the year 2020 with a big win, we recommend that you work up a bit in the loyalty program until Easter and then make a big win with the Wunderino Easter offers. If you played well before you have proceeded well in the loyalty program, so that you won’t have to pay any withdrawal fees. We wish you good luck and success, because we believe that you definitely deserve it.