3 Reasons that fuel the betting craze in Kenya


Recently, Kenya became one of the African countries that received a major boom in the betting industry.

Owing to a large number of active engagers from across the country, betting has become a lucrative business where everybody keeps going back into, hoping for another win at Lady Luck’s favor. Also, three 3 reasons stand out why free bets in Kenya are a craze that won’t end just simply.

The first reason is obviously the enticing opportunity to earn lots of money overnight. Betting a few bucks and winning huge amounts instead is a sure way to keep people engaged in the betting business, only growing as more and more people became instant millionaires.

For Kenyans, betting it all and then failing silently is better than engaging in business and then failing in public.

The second factor dives into the current Kenyan society. With unemployment plaguing the growing young population, the young adults turn towards gambling as a means to counter the joblessness issue they’re currently facing. 

The second reason looks directly at the current status of Kenya. Due to a recent rise in unemployment, causing a large number of the young population to face a growing joblessness problem, most of the youth took themselves into casinos to find a living there.

And with an abundance of makeshift casinos and small businesses all over the country, an opportunity for a quick cash can be earned everywhere.

The last reason, which also serves as a major catalyst, is the technological boom that’s happening alongside the prevalence of the gambling industry. With wider-access to a quality internet connection, people now have better ways to engage in free bets in Kenya, especially with sports betting

Lastly, perhaps the most notable reason why the gambling business has hit a success within the country is thanks to its growing telecommunication systems. With a better internet connection, Kenyas are now able to enjoy bigger benefits of betting across all platforms. Gone are days of sitting in front of a slot machine while relying on blind luck because everything is now accessible with a simple click or tap.

And though there may be many more reasons why the betting industry is now a staple one in Kenya, these three encapsulates all other reasons why.

Interested in finding out more? Check out this infographic created and designed by Chezacash: