5 tips to make money with esports


Among the Venture Capitalists, there is a saying: “where there are people there is money”. And wow! There are people in the esports now. So, for you to be one of the beneficiaries in the growth of this industry we bring you 5 tips to make money with esports.

1. Playing

The esports industry works, in essence, just like the traditional sports industry. In this sense, the best way to earn money is to become a professional player.

Now, not everyone is going to end up being a Messi. So you might be more interested in the following four points.

2. Investing in esports

Believe it or not, you don’t need much capital to invest in a successful sports team. Many parent companies that run large sports teams make open rounds of investments, some even allow you to start with $100 entries. Hey! Will Smith is doing it!

However, if the team doesn’t grow enough it’s hard for you to get your investment back, so you may want to have more variety.

3. Esports betting

Most sports betting sites already have options for you to participate in the best sports tournaments, such as lol Worlds or the International.

Besides, there are exclusive esports betting sites that allow you to bet on smaller tournaments and have additional features, more appropriate to each game title.

Although esports is a bit more volatile in terms of results than traditional sports, if you know the game well, you can easily analyze the most suitable strategies for each situation and follow the players with the most growth possibilities.

Also, the games change constantly in each update. This allows new players to open their way to the first positions, being, at a statistical level, incredible opportunities to open bets.

4. Streaming

A slightly safer and more common way to generate revenue with the Boom of esports is to create your streaming channel and host esports games.

In this way, using platforms like Twitch or Youtube, although there are others, you can attract followers and have income in various ways.

Besides, streaming allows you to offer various types of content. If you go this way you can consider the following options:

  • Upload the professional games doing the work of sports commentator
  • Upload your games or play live while interacting with your community
  • Upload news videos following professional game scenarios or changes that occur in the game during updates or patches

As an additional tip: We recommend you to dedicate to a single game or have a work team. In this market, it is better to be an expert.

5. Blogs and websites

Another interesting option is to create your website with content about your favorite esports games. By this, we mean to create a website with content like the ones we normally see at the level of the traditional sport.

In this case, you can inform your audience about all kinds of events that happen in the professional sports scenario. For example, you can talk about news, changes, tournaments, statistics, betting tips, or even gossip topics.

To Sum Up

The esports industry continues to advance, and if you want to take advantage now you have five tips with ideas on how to take profit from it. What will you do about it?