5 Common Signs that You Are Addicted to Gambling


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Gambling can undoubtedly be a lot of fun, but one of the common problems that people run into is getting addicted to it. There is a thin line between getting addicted and playing regularly. If you are someone who gambles regularly and is in doubt if you are addicted to it, we are listing 5 common signs that you are addicted to gambling. The listed signs are often seen in the people addicted to gambling and will help you notice if you are going down the same line.

  1. Spending Too Much Time on Gambling

If you are spending too much time on gambling, it may be a sign that you are getting obsessed with it. Side-lining other tasks just so that you can play poker is a reason to worry. It is often seen in addicts that they even lose out on their sleep in order to keep playing and win more while they gamble. If you follow websites for every game and opportunities to bet instead of betting for fun or if you are spending money on every lottery you come across, then you might be addicted to gambling.

  1. Losing Doesn’t Stop You

Bad days in gambling can happen to anyone, but a wise decision is to stop gambling at the moment when you have lost enough for the day. Mindlessly putting your money on the line to recover your loss every time is a clear sign that you are not thinking straight and might be a victim of its addiction.

  1. Changes in Behaviour

If you are feeling restless and annoyed when away from gambling, then this might be a reason to worry. A lot of addicts feel at home only when gambling and feel anxious when away from it long. You find any chance to gamble or make bets if you are addicted. It is important to note here that people addicted to gambling often fall for fraudulent websites and trust them. It is better to use the trusted websites and best online sportsbook instead of losing money on unrecognised ones.  

  1. Use Gambling as an Escape

Addicts use gambling as an excuse for running away from their problems and failures in life. Gambling will only provide you with a temporary escape and is not a long-term solution to your problems. When you gamble, do it for the love of the game or just to have fun. People bet for the adrenaline rush which they get by trying their luck, but if it is chosen as a replacement to ignore problems, then gambling will only add to woes.

  1. You’ve Started to Borrow Money to Gamble

If you are planning to gamble with the money that you don’t have, then you should stop right away. One of the first signs of getting addicted to gambling is when you are ready to gamble even when you do not have enough money for it. Addicts often borrow money from others and find themselves in debt after losing the money on gambling.

So, these are the 5 common signs that you are addicted to gambling. The signs may not always mean that you are surely addicted, but it will be a wise move to take a step back if you find these signs in yourself.


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