6 Fun Things to Do with Friends in Vancouver


Spending time with friends is so valuable, but sometimes it can be tough to find time to hang out! Here are six fun activities you can do with pals and integrate into your schedule. Whether it’s bingo in Vancouver where you hit the Vancouver jackpot or a session at the nail salon, it’s bound to be a lot of fun. Read on to find out more.

6 Fun Things to Do with Friends

1. Hit up the salon

Getting your nails done at the salon doesn’t take much time and is a relaxing way to spend twenty minutes! Just pop into the salon or make an appointment ahead of time and you have a few minutes to catch up before going back into your day. It beats going to the salon alone. Grab an iced coffee or tea along the way and catch up while your nails get a makeover.

2. Hit the gym or have a sweat session at hot yoga for an hour

If you actively go to the gym or take classes, why not multitask and go with a friend? If you’re tired of going to the gym and listening to your headphones alone, bring a buddy along, and the time will fly. Or, hit up a specialty class like Zumba or hot yoga. Trying new things is a great way to shake up your workouts anyway. Whether you’re starting a new health kick and just want a friend to ease you in or enjoy taking classes or hitting the gym with a friend, make your next fitness session a social affair.

3. Have a bowling night

Going out to bowl can be a ton of fun! If you haven’t been bowling for a while, consider going to the lanes and see if you and your pals can’t get a couple of strikes. It’s not too time-consuming and it lets you catch up with friends while you take turns bowling, especially if there’s a few of you. Plus, the bowling centers usually have snacks and drinks, so you can munch on some french fries or drink a beer while you’re attempting to get that high score!

4. Go spend time in nature

Sometimes it’s just nice to unwind with pals. What better spot than in nature? Whether at a park or the hiking trails, consider taking some time to get out there and breathe the fresh air with a friend. Your fitness-loving friends will be thrilled to be doing something athletic outside with someone who shares the same interests.

5. Go play Bingo

Bingo in Vancouver is a great way to spend any night! If your friends enjoy playing Bingo, then why not switch it up for a little bit and have a night out playing bingo? You’ll have so much fun tracking which numbers and letters you have and calling out “bingo” when you win a round! Bingo in Vancouver will never cost you that much, but will always be a ton of fun. And who knows, you may hit the Vancouver jackpot!

6. Do the Happy Hour hop

Get a designated driver for this twist on the bar hop. When it’s happy hour at restaurants, gather some friends and score the deals on appetizers and drinks! Order one appetizer or dish and split it, along with your cocktail or beer. Then go to the next restaurant and get an appetizer dish and have another drink. Continue until you’re all bored of eating or drinking.

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