The History of Poker Game – Everything You Need to Know


Poker, one of the skill based games that was often considered as a gambling game in early days because of intrinsic betting involved in it. But as the world modernized, the game was regarded as a reputed skill based game that requires players to use their brains to win in it. The history of poker is centuries old. Before going online, the game used to be a reputed game played by majestic people in the early days. Only few people knew how to play it unlike today, where most of the people know how to play poker online. Let us get a brief insight about the history of poker:

History of Poker Game

Most of the historians over the years have agreed that the game of poker was developed from the Chinese game of the domino cards. This game was invented in around 969 BCE. It was first played by the emperor Mu-Tsung and his wife on New Year’s Eve. This game blended the elements of Poker and Mahjong together. Since then, the number of betting games emerged and started becoming popular with time.

In the 12th and the 13th century, the Egyptians played the game using cards. In 16th century, the Persians invented Ganjifa, known as Treasure Cards that were used for playing a variety of games. The Ganjifa decks used to be much larger than the standard poker decks as of now. About the same time, ‘Primero’, a Spanish game came into existence. In this game, three cards were dealt between each player and the players bluffed each other raising the bets. It was during this time, that bluffing became one of the integral parts of Poker game.

The Germans soon started playing the game ‘Pochen’ while the French names this game ‘Poque’. The games were similar to Primero. The Primero is also known as the mother of Poker. When the French came to Canada, they brought this game with them. The game soon became really popular throughout the world. In USA, this game was revolutionized and came to be known Poker. It originated in the mid of 18th century and since then, this game is played in different forms. Jonathan H. Green first wrote about this game in the year 1834.

The Emergence of Online Poker

The internet reached different parts of the world very late. Though Poker was played in different parts of the world, but it was yet to gain online prominence. The first Poker game came online in the year 1998, but the real milestone was achieved in the history of online poker in 2002. In 2003, ‘World Poker Tour’ made it a hit as it was launched on America’s travel channel. The year 2004 and 2005 saw the emergences of online poker rooms and the demand of this game was ever increasing. It started to be played in casinos and card rooms. At that time, not many people knew how to play poker online. was the first website to open poker rooms for the common people in 1998, but it faced various challenges in doing so. The major one was to build trust among people and help people understand the rules. In the early days, when online poker came into emergence, not many countries gave it an approval. As the modernization started, the thinking of people changed and this was when the game spread to different countries online. Most of the countries made it legal to play poker online and a number of websites started launching on the internet. It finally came to India in 2008 and has now become one of the most popular online card games here.

The Last Words

Poker is one of the oldest card games ever known. Though the playing style has been changed over the years, but the game has remained the same to large extent. At present, it is a billion dollar industry in India and many other countries of the world. A number of poker rooms have opened up that are available 24X7 for the players. You can first learn how to play poker online and then join these rooms to win real cash with your skills.

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