All Online Casinos Offer Slots?


In 1996 the digital revolution finally caught up with the gambling industry. Microgaming which is one of the biggest slots and casino gambling software developers in the business, already experimented with digital gambling platforms in 1994. By 1996, the finished article was ready and waiting to be rolled out. 

The first virtual online casino was a table games focused affair because very few virtual video slots were actually ready to be released. The first virtual video slot was called Reel Em In by WMS and it was this slot that kicked off the craze for these games – check out White Wizard Deluxe Slot. This is a craze that has not disappeared, in fact, it continues to grow with no real end in sight. 

Modern Virtual Casinos 

The latest online casinos are now all very much slots focused, and this has been the case for some considerable time. If you are a table game enthusiast, then you are probably wondering why this is the case. The reasons are many and varied, but basically slots are huge money-spinners for casinos. They have an average house edge of about 4% and this is higher than most table games. 

Slots and Punters 

The enigma here is that despite slots given the house the biggest edge of all gambling games and the fact that all results are down to luck, the gambling public are still keen to try and beat the odds. Because of this attitude, literally all casinos offer slot games and the more the merrier. 

Furthermore, it is because the public continue to try their luck on slots, that new casinos choose to concentrate on these games over any others. They are easy to store too and hundreds can be kept on virtual casino platforms at any one time. Another trend that has also increase the amount of people playing slots, is the addition of jackpots. Obviously, if a progressive jackpot goes then the casino could face a huge pay out. However, it is hoped that the profits made by so many jackpot chases will soften this pay out blow somewhat. Progressive jackpot winners are not all bad news for casinos, they are superb publicity and actually bring in more punters, because people think that it is possible to win a progressive jackpot in just one spin after all. 

The Future of Online Casinos 

The future still looks slots dominated, especially with VR and 3D games on the horizon. The only thing that could halt the growth and continued expansion of the slots industry is if new laws are passed that lower the maximum staking allowed on online slot games. This could take away the business of high rollers who get their kicks from maximum staking on slots. Already fixed odds betting terminals have had the maximum betting stakes slashed from £200 to £2. If a dramatic drop also becomes law online, then casinos may lose interest in slots and return to their table game origins. The knock-on effect could be the slowing down of the slots industry altogether.

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