Fruit Slot Machines with top Bonus Rounds


Bonuses are one of the most important things to players when they’re looking for a game to place. Upon checking out features, players want to check for bonus rounds, jackpots, progressive jackpots, free spins, etc. Foremost is that players do not joke with bonus rounds at Wizard Slots. Fruit slot machines, better still fruit machines are not only known to be fun to play but have a good number of players. This is why we should check out the bonus rounds of its games. Do you also want to know the bonus rounds of fruit slot machines? Then you’re as curious as us.

Fruits Slot Machines and Its Origin

Slot machines have a synonymic name that they’re called; Fruit Machines. This means that slot machines are also called Fruits slots, depending on whatever players feel and want to call it. There are traditional and well-known fruits on the reels are represented by different fruits e.g., cherry, melon, apple, orange, lemon, etc. and the payouts symbols are represented by a fruit that is flavoured gum.  The logic behind it is to bypass the punishment of anti-gambling laws. It’s a wise thing we must say. 

Fruit slots were first introduced in 1907 by the Industry Novelty Company, ran by O.D. Jennings. It was introduced when legal steps were beginning to take place on some slot game. Bans were becoming rampant here and there and restrictions becoming the order of the gaming industry. It was a devised method to bypass such; cash-paying slot games. There are now various types of slot machines game providers make them fit in the time that we’re in. 21st century; a time where technology is reaching its peak. Therefore, slot game providers also have to follow the lead and make games that can compete in this time and age.

Examples of Fruit Slot Machines with Top Bonus Rounds

Numerous slots give bonuses to players, the number of bonus rounds that come with a slot will be determined by the game and the site which a player chooses to play from. The following are some Fruit Slot machines with Top Bonus Rounds, 15 of them.

  1. Reel Rush
  2. Grand Spin
  3. Fruit Spin
  4. Very Fruit
  5. Fruit Shop
  6. Jumping Fruits
  7. Fruits Go Bananas
  8. Mega Flip
  9. Fruit Zen
  10. Fruit Mania Deluxe
  11. Juice ‘n fruits
  12. BerryBurst Maz
  13. Exotic Fruit Deluxe
  14. Fruit Neon
  15. Fruit Xtreme

Finally, the bonus rounds of these games vary, we have mentioned that they vary according to game type and the sites. Some sites are more generic than others, some offer more bonuses to encourage players to stake on their sites. Either way, these games top the list of Fruit Slot games with the highest bonus rounds circa 2020 and even 2021. You can check them out one by one to see the games and what they have to offer. Remember that fruit slots are fun to play and they come with simple gameplay too.

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