How to beat the casino – 3 whales for a successful game

How to beat the casino - 3 whales for a successful game

The first thing to do is determine the amount he is willing to spend. In this case, it is important not to bet the winning funds and to take them into account separately. When the allocated budget is exhausted, the game should be finished. An important rule is not to stop at one machine if it doesn’t give you any winnings. It is better to place small bets on different slots, increasing the amount in favorable gaming situations. AUTcasinos tells what the success of an online casino depends on.


The visitor’s condition greatly influences whether he stays in the black. It’s worth playing calmly. The user must be ready to stop at any time. Myths about casino income are related to superstition. Players hope for special numbers, a special place at the table, and various rituals. A useful tip for any online casino visitor is not to believe in magic.


It is worth choosing devices according to their characteristics. The main one is the theoretical percentage of return or RTP. Most providers do not hide this information. You can find it out in the paytable or the review of the slot machine. The higher the RTP, the more likely the user is to win.

The probability of winning depends on the presence of additional functions in the slot:

  • Risk game.
  • Possibility of buying a bonus.
  • Free spins.

Mathematical laws also apply to other types of casino gambling. In roulette, the odds depend on the variety you choose. The European one has a higher probability of giving a prize, since there are fewer sectors on which the ball can stop.

Playground selection

The odds of winning depend on the choice of the casino. The presence of a license is a guarantee that the player will not have problems with withdrawing money. To get it, the site must prove the authenticity of the software, compliance with the guarantees of fair play. The reliability of the casino is supported by the presence of certificates of gambling associations, for example, eCOGRA. She has been working since 2003 and deals with the protection of players.

Clients are attracted by bonuses from casino operators. It is worth placing bets on sites with accessible wagering rules, terms and limits. If the site is free to play, it is trustworthy. The presence of a demo mode means that the operator has nothing to hide, it allows clients to evaluate the resource before registering.

On the Internet, there is such a method of fraud as paid registration at an online casino. The only possible paid service is the use of real money for betting on roulette and slot machines.

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