Avail Unlimited Opportunities With Live Dream Catcher Money Wheel


Casinos till now could offer only a limited variety of games with different playing styles. Most of these games are only variations of the classical table game which many people do not like. Now Dream catcher brings the experience of an amazing online casino game which you can play live on online casino or in land-based casinos.

What is Dream Catcher? Dream Catcher is a very entertaining online casino game and features a live casino wheel. It is undoubtedly can be categorized as the most immersive casino game with various additional features. This fabulous Money Wheel dream catcher casino game can be streamed live from secure studios for the participation of people from anywhere.

Why this game is so popular? Developed by Evolution Gaming, a software developer with high reputation, dream catcher casino game is the first non-table game. Now it is possible to attract a whole new group of gamers who had never participated before in casino games.

How you can play the game successfully? Players are very fond of playing online casinos and in the last few years, online casinos have gone very popular. This game is very easy to play and the rules are extremely understandable even for a beginner. This game is fully compatible with PC/Mac Laptops/Desktops and mobile device and has excellent audio and video facilities.

  • Money wheel: The giant Money Wheel has 54 boxes and the numbers in the wheel are marked in the sections of 1, 2, 5, 10, and 40. There are multipliers located at the opposite as x2 and x7 and when one lands on such multipliers huge winning possibilities are there. There are multiple bet options available which you can do with the numbers from 1-2- 5- 10 – 40.
  • Get started: You need to simply pick up a number displayed in the wheel and need to place a bet on it. There are 23 segments of number 1, 15 for number 2, 7 for number 5, 4 for number 10 2 for number 20 and 1 for number 40. Thus when you pace a bet on any number the payout odds correspond will correspond to the number that you have chosen.

Thus for a number 1, it will be 1:1, for number 2 it will be 2: 1, for number 3 it will be 3: 1 and likewise for number 40 it will be 40:1.

The role of the multiplier is quite fascinating and it operates when the wheel stops at a multiplier which helps to earn bonus spin. Keeping your bet in place, your bet can be multiplied by the multiplier to earn a significant amount in the bonus spin.

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