What is Online Bingo?


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Online bingo offers the opportunity to include a community while enjoying the gameplay. You can get different types of Bingo games when you play online. Online bingo has grown tremendously over the last few years. Millions of people now play online bingo. All bingo games and their style shares similar rules and the same simple premise across the world.

Online bingo involves matching the numbers called by the game and those numbers that are on a card. The game has a simple format, and its ability to grasp easily makes it quite popular, fun, and an exciting game wherever you play it.

  •             How is Online Bingo played?

The players purchase a card that has random numbers that are arranged in a grid

The game will notify the players if they are looking for every number [Full house], a horizontal line, or maybe another pattern

The caller calls out numbers that are generated randomly, the numbers are also displayed on the game console

The players then match these numbers with those that are their cards

The player who successfully matches all the numbers that are required becomes the winner.

  •             Online Bingo games found online

Online Bingo has three variations: 90-ball bingo, 80-ball bingo, and 74-ball bingo. Nevertheless, the games are almost similar except that they offer unique chances for each. For example, the 80-ball bingo also known as Keno uses the numbers 1 to 80 in the game.

The 90-ball bingo which is very [popular in the UK uses 1 to 90 in the game and it is usually a “Line” bingo or “Full House” 75-ball bingo is very popular in North America, uses fewer numbers, and use different win patterns compared to the other variations.

  •             Online Bingo Formats

The common formats for online bingo include;

Entry fee: There are some games which are free to play and they are purely for fun. However, there are those games that can cost up to $10.

Progressive jackpots: The prize is derived from the percentage of the total tickets that have been bought.

Guaranteed Prize Pots: This is where the winner is given a fixed sum when they successfully match their card.

Themes: This happens when some games take the format/style of a TV show, it can include quiz format such as Deal or No Deal.

Side games: There are sites that allow players to have table games, slots, etc. to play between rounds.

  •             Is playing Online Bingo safe?

Playing online bingo is safe so long as you play it in a licensed and trusted bingo site such as Bingo Hall. Almost all the bingo halls have modern security features such encrypted financial transactions to guarantee the security of deposit and withdrawals.

  •             Is Online Bingo Legal?

Online bingo is legal and highly regulated due to its popularity. Online bingo has been there for a long time since the inception of online gambling, and that’s why it has received a massive legal attention.

  •             Online Bingo games

The following are some of the popular variations of bingo game.

  1.           75 Ball Bingo
  2.           80 Ball Bingo
  3.           90 Ball Bingo
  4.           Social Bingo

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