By five in the morning, a mother had already dressed her two daughters for school. Afterwards, she will be logging in to online casinos for an early dose of gambling. Common examples of these games are slot machines, baccarat, craps, roulette, keno, casino war, faro, pachinko, 3-card and 4-card poker, red dog, pyramid poker, Caribbean stud poker, and Spanish 21. for an early dose of gambling.

Seems like a “too absurd to be true” scenario? Guess again.

Nowadays, gambling seems to be an ordinary activity that most people tend to overlook. By doing so, they do not see the potential harm gambling can do to their lives.

Generally, gambling, also known as betting, is kind of behavior that involves money  being put out to risk. One can never be sure of winning a gambling game, so the rewards must often outweigh the risk.

Beatable gambling games include poker,( though this is better classified as a game of skill ), blackjack, video poker, Pai Gow Poker and Tiles, sports betting, and horse racing.

On the other hand, unbeatable games make a player eventually lose a bankroll no matter what strategy is employed. Common examples of these games are slot machines, baccarat, craps, roulette, keno, casino war, faro, pachinko, 3-card and 4-card poker, red dog, pyramid poker, Caribbean stud poker, and Spanish 21.

Both beatable and unbeatable gambling games can be found in casinos. There are also many other betting games that are not played inside casinos, such as lottery, mahjong, backgammon, coin-tossing games such as head and tail, and carnival games like The Razzle and Hanky Pank.

There are also the so-called fixed-odds gambling that can be seen on events like horse racing, football, golf, tennis, baseball, and other sports that entice people to bet on the winner.

Nonetheless, they are all forms of gambling that rarely stand a chance of winning continuously.

When gambling, many people try to gain back whatever they have lost in the game. Some continue to play in the belief that they will break a “streak of bad luck”. By doing so, they continue to bet and eventually place themselves at the risk of losing everything.

Most people who are involved in gambling contend that they only play for pleasure, or as a form of recreation. While others say they just have to win money and that gambling is an easy way to do so.

However, because gambling involves a variety of mental activity, coupled with stress and the mentality of a winner, it can be a possible source of psychological addiction. In the long run, this can be harmful to people who are affected by gambling.

With so many psychological effects of gambling, there are even those who engage in betting with another person on premises that a certain statement is true or false, or that a particular event will or will not happen at a given specific time. This occurs commonly in situations wherein two people with strong opposing views debate with each other. Normally, they place bets for fun or money.

Consequently, because of the negative effect of gambling, many legal jurisdictions choose not to legalize any gambling activity. Legally, any contracts that led to debts brought about by a certain gambling activity are deemed unenforceable by the legal process.

That is why gambling is such a risky activity. Those who gamble simply do not realize  what harm gambling can cause.

A word to the wise: never throw good money after bad. If you choose to get involved in gambling, learn how to limit your losses when your luck goes sour. Learn how to walk away before you “go for broke”.

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