How much money can you win playing poker?


Many people wonder, how much can you earn playing poker. While there is very much to lose, you can also win high. Keep in mind, that even if the numbers seems to be high, the players have to spend some of their profits to keep playing. Only around 30% of poker players are winners. How much they can win?

Dependent on the skills

It’s no secret, that the better you are, the more you can get. Unfortunately, at the same time you can also lose higher. The best poker players in the world can monthly win more than a regular person earns yearly. Some of the players also don’t have money of their own. They are supported by rich sponsors, who give the players money for bets – and then, if they win, poker players get a small percentage.

There aren’t many people playing poker, who earn millions, but there definitely are some. While talking about their incomes though, we need to calculate the expenses, too: costs of hotels, buy-ins and so on.

Not as regular job

Poker players don’t get their regular salary, which comes on the account on the end or beginning of the month. Playing this game, you can also end your month in debt, while still having some money. Even the best players lose, so it’s really hard to tell, how much they win in general. Online players do not bear the costs of such things as hotels and at the same time, high buy-in torunaments are rare. At the same time, money they earn during poker online aren’t as high as on live games, so they have to play more to raise their profits.

While playing online version of poker, it seems that crucial thing is to play many tables at the same time. Only this way, your earnings can become high. Although, multi-tabling should be played smart: there is no use of such a game type, if you’ll lose everything. Good players using multi-tabling technique tend to sit on a couple tables, but not more than 5 or 6 at a time.

Remember, that the highest earnings aren’t common. While such players as Doyle Brunson or Phil Hellmuth get several million a year, similar amounts are not available for regular players. Also, buy-ins for the best tournaments are high, which means at least some of the earnings have to be reinvested in order to keep earning money for life.

Count the costs

When considering earnings of poker players, you should also think about the expenses they need to cover. Usually, statistics do not take them into account, showing really high amounts of money. As ex-player, Alex Fitzgerald says, earning of poker players aren’t stable. While one year, they can earn around 300 or 400 thousands, next year can be a zero income time. In theory, they get 150-200 thousands a year, but in practice, most of this money is spent on life and buy-ins.